Interjet Falls Out Of Love With The Superjet

Mexican low-cost carrier Interjet is falling out of love with the Sukhoi Superjet 100. The Russian-made jet has started to cost the carrier a fair bit and, as a result, the carrier is now looking to move on.

Interjet Sukhoi Superjet
Mexican carrier Interjet has fallen out of love with the Sukhoi Superjet. Photo: Superjet International via Flickr

Interjet looks to move beyond the SSJ100

At one point, Interjet flew 22 Sukhoi Superjets. However, after the fatal Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash in Moscow earlier this year, Interjet on Twitter (in Spanish) confirmed that the airline only had five of the model in active service.

Five out of 22 is a pretty dismal percentage. And, very clearly, it indicates that the airline is looking to get rid of these aircraft rather than keep them. Maintenance issues plagued the fleet, which made it difficult for Interjet to operate the type.

Interjet Sukhoi Superjet
Interjet only flies five active SSJ100 aircraft. Photo: Superjet International via Flickr

As the only North American operator for the SSJ100, the bleak outlook for the aircraft in Interjet’s fleet does not bode well for the aircraft’s future sales in the continent. Moreover, Russian aircraft have not traditionally performed well in sales in North America in the last few years.

Interjet SSJ100
Interjet is the only North American operator of the SSJ100. Photo: Superjet International via Flickr

The A320 family

Interjet also flies Airbus A320 family aircraft. This includes both A320ceo and A321ceo alongside A320neo and A321neo aircraft. The latest Airbus orders and deliveries report from October 2019 indicates that Interjet has 29 A320neo aircraft on order.

A320 interjet
Interjet also flies A320 family aircraft. Photo: Tomas del Coro via Flickr

These aircraft could be used to replace the SSJ100s, however, the A320 family would be a significant capacity upgrade in comparison to the Russian jets. Although, the A320 family has a much better operational record than the SSJ100.

Interjets A320s have done far better for the airline than the SSJ100s. Photo: Tomas del Coro via Flickr

Could Interjet use A220s to replace the SSJ100?

Earlier this year, it appeared that Interjet was looking at the A220 to replace the SSJ100 in the airline’s fleet. The A220 would be much closer to the capacity of the SSJ100.

Airbus A220
The A220 would be much closer in capacity to the SSJ100 than the A320. Photo: Airbus

However, Interjet has not placed an order either with Airbus or through a lessor for A220 aircraft. For now, it appears that the airline is only operating a small number of SSJ100s with no clear replacement strategy.


Interjet has fallen out of love with the Sukhoi Superjet. As of now, the airline does not have a clear replacement strategy, but the A220 may be on the airline’s radar. With maintenance issues and no clear resolution, the Superjet is doing little else except raising costs for the carrier.

Should Interjet retire the SSJ100? Should Interjet then order the A220? Let us know in the comments!

Simple Flying reached out to Interjet for comment. However, no response was received in time for publication.


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This aircraft really was destroyed by Snecma for political reasons. Since they are not providing adequate numbers of service parts for their engine cores, these things sit. I know the Russians are trying to develop an all Russian engine based on the PD-14 for the Irkut MC-21. This is likely the end of it in the Americas though. It’s really to bad. Interjet and Cityjet really seemed to like them until they couldn’t get parts.


warehouse is full of parts..

Farhan Nazar

But are they supplying those parts? I don’t think so.


Safran isn’t the problem, it is Russia’s lack of after market service centers that doomed the SSJ100.


Safran is 100% the problem. Interjet bought these knowing they were going to be doing maintenance and service themselves. The lack of a service center isn’t an issue. What sounds logical to you; UAC spiting it’s only customer in the Americas or Safran intentionally holding them up because of political pressure?

Farhan Nazar

Shame such an amazing little plane had to be ruin by poor after purchase support, could’ve been the next great global regional airliner but alas…..


I have bad news for Simply Flying, Russian Aircraft have NEVER done anything let alone well in Norte America.

Actually have failed all over the world except the totally desperate despots (Zimbabwe and Cuba come to mind) – probably were paid to take them.

Sadly the MC-21 will suffer the same fate. Good aircraft, not a clue how to support it.

Such a shame

Gerry Stumpe

Just got thru reading about Norwegian thinking about purchasing Superjets. Thought it a bad idea, but did not comment. Now I must. Hey Norwegian! Contact Interjet. They know something that you don’t.


How about the Embraer E/E2 series? Successful aircraft with comparable capacities.


It is actually a good plane, unfortunately as other people have said its the after sales support that lets Russian planes down every time! From reading about the MC21 again it looks like a good plane but until the Russians can put in place a support network to keep them flying anyone would be crazy to buy one.

Fausto Imberti

Love Interjet, one of the Best airlines I’ve ever flown. I flew on SSJ from MEX to PVR in 2018. Amazing aircraft by Pininfarina.

Fausto Imberti

Cheap to aquire, expensive to operate. SSJ100 in a nutshell.


But it isn’t expensive to operate……
what it is, is expensive to have sat on the apron doing nothing because the parts to repair it haven’t arrived.

Is there any suggestion that it has a higher failure rate than Western-built aircraft.?
Or is it quite simply that the parts to repair it take weeks to arrive,
instead of next day or better.?


Interesting to follow where the 17 Sukhoi planes went after Interjet retired them.

Richard Branson

TLC mostly, 5 in MEX and 1 in MTY

Moaz Abid

Why not use an a319neo