IranAir Plans Vienna Return This Weekend

IranAir has continued its long process of returning services to destinations – the latest being Vienna in Austria. The route is expected the resume this weekend, and operate once a week on Saturdays going forward.

One of two six-year-old IranAir Airbus A330-200s. Photo: Airbus

IranAir resumes flights to Austria

With the current aviation crisis causing massive disruption to airline route networks around the world, it is a relief to see some carriers return to service. IranAir has put plans in place to operate its Vienna route (Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport to Vienna Airport) from this coming Saturday (15th of August, 2020), and then every Saturday for the foreseeable future.

We’re flying again! IranAir will fly from August 15th, Saturdays, at 11:50, am with the new Airbus A330 from Vienna to Tehran. You can now book flights for Vienna-Teheran-Vienna via our website. – IranAir Austrian website

The airline previously suspended all European routes as the country grabbled with soaring infection rates. Iran stuck hard and locked down its borders for an isolation period, going as far as to prevent even domestic road travel.

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This route to Vienna will be one of many resumed European routes, but the airlines’ current August network is a far cry from what it is typically. From 39 domestic destinations and 29 international destinations in February before the lockdown to only thirteen domestic destinations and twenty-one international destinations in sixteen countries.

IranAir’s current August 2020 route network. Photo: Flight Connections

These sixteen countries include two in Italy (Rome and Milan), two in England (London and Manchester), two in Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg), three in Germany (Frankfurt, Cologne and the port city of Hamburg) and two in Turkey (Istanbul and the capital Ankara). The other destinations are Amsterdam, Kuwait, Dubai, Duha, Mumbai, Kurachi, Beruit, and Vienna, as mentioned above.

The Vienna flight will use an Airbus A330-200 to complete the journey. The Airbus A330-200 is the same aircraft that was previously banned by the EU for not having up to date patches on its computers. Still, IranAir has since rectified the problem and returned to service with these new aircraft (these planes are six-years-old, although the A330-800neo now exists as the ‘new’ A330).

What will it be like to fly?

According to the Tehran Times, IranAir is “closely observing healthcare protocols” onboard its aircraft and flights. To meet the health specifications of Austria, passengers will likely wear masks and self-isolate upon arrival. Currently, only European citizens or permanent residents can enter Austria.

IranAir rescue flight getty
IranAir is slowly rolling out destinations to link to expatriate communities in other countries. Photo: Getty Images

The resumption of the route is not business as usual and is seen more as a way to ensure citizens have a way to reach loved ones. As the world is still effectively in lockdown, it will be some time until the tourist trade to Iran (the third quickest growing tourist market in the Islamic world) normalizes.

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