Is Donald Trump Responsible For A Reporter Losing Delta Frequent Flyer Status?

For journalist Kasie Hunt, losing elite status with a major airline was a pretty big deal. After losing her Gold Medallion status with Delta Air Lines, she was appalled by the hold time. And, to vent her frustration, she took to Twitter where she blamed a unique figure – the President of the United States.

Kasie Hunt Delta Status
Is Donald Trump to blame for a journalist losing her status on Delta? Photo: Delta Air Lines

Kasie Hunt loses status with Delta Air Lines

Elite status with Delta refreshed at midnight on February 1st. For those who did not requalify, this meant going from a Delta SkyMiles elite member to a general member. One such person to lose status was Kasie Hunt. After being a Gold Medallion member, it appears that she did not do enough flying in 2019 to maintain her status for 2020. Then, when she had to make a call to Delta, she faced a hold time of over two hours. And so, she took to Twitter and vented in a now-deleted Tweet:

For those who are unfamiliar, Kasie Hunt is a Capitol Hill Correspondent for NBC News. She also has her own TV Show, Kasie DC, that airs on MSNBC. It appears that, because she was held up in Washington by President Trump in 2019, she could not maintain her status.

Katie Hunt’s 2019

Politics are incredibly polarized in the United States. However, in this case, it is quite a stretch to go out and blame President Trump for this. While 2019 was a year filled with intense political reporting in DC, Kasie Hunt also had another special event in 2019. She gave birth to a baby boy in September.

Becoming a mom is an incredibly special event that can also put the brakes on travel. This is why Delta Air Lines, in particular, may have an option for Kasie Hunt to return to her Gold Medallion status.

Delta plane
Maintaining status can be hard after a major life event. Photo: Delta Air Lines

What Kasie Hunt should do

If status is really important to Kasie Hunt, she should look into Delta’s “Reclaim My Status” option. As part of this program, Delta will help passengers reclaim their elite status when travel slows down because of a major life event – such as becoming a new parent. This applies not just to major reporters, but to anyone who has been impacted by a major life event. Delta lists a few examples such as going to school, a job change, medical issues, family issues, among others.

Delta tails
Delta has an option called “Reclaim My Status” for those who lose status due to a major life event. Photo: Delta Air Lines


As someone who holds Gold Medallion status with Delta Air Lines, this is a valuable tool for reducing wait times and getting a few extra benefits on flights. Every time I have called the Gold member line, I’ve been helped within five or so minutes. Going from holding status to becoming a general member can be a frustrating and difficult event. So, it is understandable why Kasie Hunt is upset about losing her status.

Blaming President Trump is a bit of a stretch. Instead, Kasie Hunt should explore Delta’s options to reclaim her status as a result of her pregnancy. And, perhaps, if she does return to her status and continues to rack up those mileage bonuses for being a medallion member, she can use them to take her son on vacations and instill in him a love for flying.

Have you successfully used Delta’s “Reclaim Your Status” program? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!