Istanbul Airport Claims Two ‘Best Airport’ Awards

Istanbul Airport has been voted one of the best airports in Europe. The airport walked away carrying two prizes from the Airports Council International Europe awards. Despite being just three years old, the airport collected awards for ‘Best Airport Over 40 Million Passengers’, and the ‘Accessible Airport Award’.

Istanbul Airport, Best Airport, Accessible Airport
Istanbul Airport claimed two ‘best airports’ awards at the recent ACI Europe awards ceremony. Photo: IGA

It is the season of awards, and despite being a relatively new airport, Istanbul Grand Airport is already featuring among some of the most established airports globally. Just last month, it was revealed that the airport had ranked second in the Conde Nast Traveller awards. Now there are a couple more trophies to add to the cabinet.

No ‘meme’ feat

It’s not unusual for an airline or airport to celebrate when it wins an award. However, Istanbul Airport has gone for an exciting approach in celebrating being chosen as Europe’s best airport with over 40 million passengers. Rather than issuing a press release, the airport is creating a series of memes such as the one below,

Istanbul Airport, Best Airport, Accessible Airport
Istanbul Airport was crowned the best airport in Europe with over 40 million passengers. Image: Instagram

The meme uses the Mona Lisa to explore a journey of emotions. Initially, the painting’s subject is happy to fly from Europe to the United States, though things quickly deteriorate when discovering a three-hour layover. Thankfully, all is fine in the end when it is found that the layover is at Istanbul Airport.

So what did Istanbul Airport win?

As mentioned, Istanbul Airport walked away with two awards at the ACI Europe awards. The first was for the best airport in the Over 40 Million Passengers category, the highest of five included in the awards. The airport beat two Spanish competitors to the prize, with the judges describing the facility as,

“A state-of-the-art airport supporting efficient operations and offering top quality service to the passengers and airport stakeholders.”

The airport also claimed recognition as the best airport for accessibility, claiming the Accessible Airport Award. According to ACI Europe, this award honors the best airport in Europe when it comes to accessibility to encourage airports to remove barriers for people with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility.

Istanbul Airport, Best Airport, Accessible Airport
The airport was also recognized for its accessibility. Photo: IGA

Judges in the category were impressed with the airport’s accessible routes, accompanied by “loud steps” that help people navigate the domestic terminal using mobility canes. The airport was also praised for efforts to offer sign language communication for airport assistance.

What are the ACI Best Airport awards?

The ACI Best Airport awards are designed to recognize the best airports across the world. The 17th edition of the European awards were announced at the ACI Europe Annual Congress and General Assembly in Geneva last week.

The Best Airport award is given out in five categories ranging from under five million passengers to over 40 million passengers. On top of this, awards are also issued for Eco-Innovation, Accessible Airport, and Digital Transformation. To receive two awards during the same sitting is, therefore, an achievement and something that only Istanbul Airport achieved this time around. Last year Istanbul Airport claimed the Digital Transformation award.

Have you visited Istanbul Airport? What did you make of the meme? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!