Istanbul Sets A Goal Of Becoming A Child Friendly Airport

Today, Friday April 23rd, is Turkey’s “National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.” With this in mind, Istanbul Airport is letting the world know that it’s a fantastic, world-class facility designed to consider the needs of children and families. Let’s take a look at what the airport has to offer and what makes it such a great airport for families with kids.

Istanbul Sets A Goal Of Becoming A Child Friendly Airport
Istanbul’s new airport officially opened in October 2018. The airport takes over from Atatürk airport as Turkish Airlines’ home base. Photo: Istanbul Airport

“Now is the time for kids to fly”

Anyone traveling with young children will know that it can be a challenge. From keeping them safe and entertained to finding facilities to change diapers, taking little ones on a family vacation can be more of a job than a break.

According to Istanbul Airport, “now is the time for kids to fly.” The facility is now branding itself as a “Children and Family Friendly Airport.” The airport has today released a slick video highlighting its facilities for families.

“The Child and Family Friendly Airport concept draws its inspiration from children’s multifaceted interests and the questions they keep asking while exploring. Because children learn so many things for the first time…iGA enables children to experience the joy of exploring in the best way possible and uncovers this in the light of their favorite activity, namely the games.” – Istanbul Airport

Family-friendly features at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul’s family focus begins at the airport’s parking facility, where passengers with children can park their cars in spots reserved for them. Next, at the airport terminal entrance, children and their families can “pass through the special doors designed exclusively for them in the form of a space shuttle.”

Istanbul Sets A Goal Of Becoming A Child Friendly Airport
The airport offers special entrances for families, making the journey extra special for kids. Photo: Istanbul Airport

After passing through security, traveling families can go to the iGA Lounge*, which is marketed as one of the main areas of the airport for families as it includes the following amenities:

  • Children’s restroom
  • Infant care room
  • Breastfeeding room
  • A playroom with games and child-friendly television

While kids are playing and watching television in the playroom, parents can monitor their children using screens in the food court of the lounge.

*The iGA lounge is a pay-to-access lounge and can be entered with a one-time fee or with the “iGA PASS” membership program. Single-use pricing is as follows: 

  • Adult – 50,00 
  • Child – 25,00
  • Baby – Free

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700 square meters of playground facilities

İGA also has several concept playgrounds, including ones with themes of:

  • Nature
  • Sea
  • Glaciers
  • Sky
  • Space
Istanbul Sets A Goal Of Becoming A Child Friendly Airport
A look at the sky-themed playground. Photo: Istanbul Airport

“The total size of the playground, which features five different game concepts designed for children to have a pleasant time at the airport, covers an area of 700 square meters,” the airport notes.

Heading to your flight

Finally, the airport states that there is a free buggy service for children between the ages of 0 and 2. There is also a “special welcoming and farewell assistance for the 0-6 age group.” With this service, children and their parents are “farewelled” to the door of their planes by a train designed in the shape of an airplane.

It looks like Istanbul Airport has gone to great lengths to make itself a child and family-friendly facility. This will make it ideal for the residents of Istanbul as well as those wanting to make Istanbul the next destination for a family vacation. Travelers with layovers at the airport, perhaps using Turkish Airlines as a connecting carrier, will benefit as well.

While the iGA lounge has some fantastic features, its price tag might be a little high for some families, especially those with multiple children.

What do you think of these features? Have you traveled as a large family with children? Please share your experiences with us in the comments.