ITA Linhas Aereas Reveals It Will Start Flying In March

The Brazilian start-up Ita Transportes Aereos is counting down the days to launch commercial operations. Additionally, the airline is still expecting to receive its first three Airbus A320 and do its certification flight with the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). So, when will it start flying?

Ita Linhas Aereas
Ita Transportes Aereos will start flying on March 19, 2021. Photo: Ita Linhas Aereas

We have a date

On its website, Ita published a countdown towards the date it will start operating. As of January 19, we still have 59 days to go. This means the airline plans to take its first flight on March 19, 2021.

In the meantime, the airline still has to complete many processes before its launching date. For instance, it still training and hiring its administrative staff, according to local media outlet Aeroin.

On its website, the airline announces several job opportunities. For example, it is looking for different technicians and maintenance operators, as well as airport managers and supervisors.

Ita is one of the two Brazilian start-ups planning to operate flights in 2021. The other is Nella Linhas Aereas, a smaller regional carrier that would use ATR aircraft.

Instead, Itapemirim plans to disrupt the aviation market in Brazil. But to do it, Itapemirim needs a strong fleet. What do we know about its airplanes?

Ita Transportes Aereos
Ita will operate an Airbus based fleet. Photo: Ita Transportes Aereos.

The arrival of the first aircraft is a little bit delayed

According to the airlines’ CEO, Tiago Senna, Ita Transportes Aereos was supposed to receive its first aircraft on January 8. That didn’t happen.

Ita has already signed the Letter of Intent to acquire up to ten Airbus A320s. These ten airplanes aren’t new, as they all have previously operated with other carriers like Turkish, IndiGo, and Vueling.

Its first three airplanes, with registrations OE-IKJ, EC-LQK, and TC-JUG, are parked in Spain so far. Only EC-LQK (which previously operated with Vueling) has flown in the last few weeks. According to, it last flew on December 29.

According to local media, the airline expects to do its certification flight with ANAC in February. Therefore, Ita is still in no rush to receive its first aircraft, although we expect it to arrive any time soon.

The planes will have a configuration of two classes, with 168 seats. It will have nine rows of Comfort Class, with a seat pitch of 34 inches, and an Economy class with a seat pitch of 31 inches.

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Azul and TAM Getty
The Brazilian market is dominated by three carriers: GOL, LATAM Brazil, and Azul. Photo: Getty Images

Where will it fly?

Tiago Senna recently said in an interview with Melhores Destinos that its first flight would be between Vitória and Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport. He added,

“We chose Vitoria to start because the headquarters of Itapemirim Group are in (the state of) Espírito Santo, and we receive an important support from the local government.”

Additionally, Ita Transportes Aereos has already selected 17 domestic destinations across Brazil. Unfortunately, the route map is still not public. Senna added that the airline will operate nearly 3,000 flights per month.

Ita Transportes Aereos could begin operating international routes to nearby countries like Argentina or Chile in the medium term. But the first objective is to establish a domestic presence in Brazil.

Ita Transportes Aereos expects to fill a need in the Brazilian aviation market. Since the cease of operations of Avianca Brazil, the country has only had three major players in Azul, GOL, and LATAM. These three carriers control more than 95% of the domestic market share.

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