New Japan Airlines Safety Video Shows Consequence Of Ignoring Instructions

Japan Airlines (JAL) is launching a new safety video that shows off what happens when passengers ignore emergency instructions in somewhat graphic detail. The video also highlights potential new problems that can occur during an evacuation based on real aircraft disasters that occurred earlier this year.

Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines features rather graphic images of passengers panicking during an emergency. Photo: Japan Airlines

What are the details?

Japan Airlines has released a new safety video for all of its aircraft to brief passengers on potential problems and how to act in an emergency. However, the airline has stressed that passengers must follow instructions and has made their new video somewhat graphic in order to get the point across.

“The safety video highlights potential risks inside the cabin, as well as providing key directives during an evacuation of the aircraft. The program includes realistic scenarios to describe situations that may occur if appropriate action is not taken by the passengers during a flight and in an emergency.”JAL press release

Using a 3D-rendered cartoon human, the video is able to animate them in rather exaggerated ways to highlight the effects of not following instructions.

The video highlights the following normal items:

  • How to fasten your seat belt
  • Not to smoke onboard
  • Electronic devices
  • How to brace in case of an impact
  • How to apply the drop-down oxygen masks
  • Where to find the exits
  • How to put on a life vest
Japan Airlines
Smoking is not allowed on board any of Japan Airlines’ aircraft. Photo: Japan Airlines

But there are some items that the video has touched on that are not normally seen in an airline safety video:

  • Keep your seatbelt fastened in case of turbulence (showing a man being thrown around by the turbulence).
  • Keep your items stowed under the seat in front or above (showing passengers items being thrown around the cabin.
  • Leave your luggage behind (showcasing a passenger blocking the aisle as desperate passengers try to escape from behind).
  • Don’t bring luggage or heels down the slide (with passengers ripping the emergency slide as they drag down suitcases or trip with their heels).
  • Passengers fleeing from the plane after it has performed an emergency landing.

The safety video in all its glory can be found here:

Why are these extra items important?

Back in May, an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet crash-landed at Moscow and burst into flames. Passengers evacuating took the time to pull out luggage from the seats and overhead bins and blocked other passengers from moving away from the burning tail section.

Japan Airlines
Passengers trapped behind each other as those in the forward section reach for their baggage. Photo: Japan Airlines

As such, more passengers died onboard than should have thanks to the selfish actions of a few. Japan Airlines does not wish to repeat this incident and has drawn special attention to essentially shock passengers into following instructions. According to a press release from the airline:

“With a focus on in-flight safety, the video draws on actual incidents that have recently taken place across the airline industry…Therefore, the safety video describes a situation in which a passenger attempting to carry their luggage blocks the passageway and prevents others from proceeding to the exit in a timely manner. “

The new video will be rolled out across the JAL fleet by September 1st. It will be available in 13 different languages to accommodate international destinations.

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