James Corden & Kanye West Reinvent Carpool Karaoke With The Help Of A Boeing 767

The host of America’s popular Late Late Show James Corden decided, with the aid of singer Kanye West, to take his popular carpool karaoke to the skies with the help of a Boeing 767. London born Corden, famous for the hit sitcom Gavin and Stacey has found fame and fortune in the United States hosting one of the country’s most popular late-night television shows on CBS.

Boeing 767-200
Kanye chartered a Boeing 767 for him and his choir. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

During his appearances on one of America’s top three television channels, Corden came up with a segment for the show he called “Carpool Karaoke.”

Viewers never know who is going to get into Corden’s car

With viewers not knowing who was going to get in Corden’s car for a shared ride to work, the 41-year-old comedian picks up a well-known singer and together they perform a medley of songs.

In a new video entitled “Point Me to the Plane”, Corden ups the ante when a flight he is supposed to board for Los Angeles gets canceled. Now needing to get back to L.A. to record his show, Corden, telephones his friend Kanye West and asks if he can hitch a ride with  Kanye and his Sunday Service choir to Los Angeles.

Corden plays a typical clumsy passenger when boarding the aircraft

When Corden boards the chartered Boeing 767 jet, in typical clumsy passenger style he tries to jam his carry-on into an already packed overhead bin.

After finally managing to squeeze it in after nearly dropping it a few times the British comedian heaves a sigh of dismay when he discovers that he is sitting in a middle seat.

Corden plays a typical clumsy passenger. Photo: Andy Thornley Wikimedia Commons

Now, after coming to the conclusion that he is lucky to be able to get a flight at all, Corden asks Kanye if he is a talker or a sleeper, telling the Atlanta born rapper that he is quite happy to do either while offering him his shoulder to sleep on.

In-between songs, Kanye tells Corden about his life

After asking Kanye if he wants to listen to some music the entire plane bursts into song. Once the song is over and the aircraft had taken off, much to the delight of its passengers, Kanye starts talking to Corden about his life and religion.

Revealing how he found God and how it has turned his life around, the next song we hear is the 41-year-olds big hit the gospel themed “Jesus Is King.”

During the 19-minute long video, Kanye talks about the ups and downs in his life and while he might not be popular with everyone you learn a few things about him that you might not have known.

Using an airplane for “Carpool Karaoke” was a nice twist of events and something perhaps Corden might want to consider doing again in the future.

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