Japan Airlines Becomes a 5 Star Airline

Japan Airlines has shown the aviation industry in recent years its full capability of maintaining its competitive advantage and stable position in the market. The airline has worked hard to build an image of a leading aviation company and provide a top quality passenger experience, from the purchase of flight tickets to the in-flight journey provided by the carrier’s aircraft.

The airline puts emphasis on operating a technologically advanced and modern fleet, able to offer exceptional comfort and satisfaction for passengers. The carrier has received recognition for its efforts and has officially become the 11th airline in the world to receive a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

Japan Airlines takes pride in being awarded a 5-star rating by Skytrax.

Becoming a 5-Star Carrier

Since 2013, Japan Airlines has significantly improved and transformed its business its services provided to customers. A lot of attention had been given to improving in-flight seating and IFE hardware, delivering the best employee service and overall, creating loyal customers by offering an amazing experience. The carrier’s international routes are all served with aircraft, equipped with award-winning seating. The meals provided in-flight are also exceptionally well prepared and the Japanese warm attitude towards customers can be felt while travelling. The carrier has also provided a pleasant stay at its airport lounges, especially at Narita Airport.

All of these factors have influenced the airline’s recent reward of a 5-star carrier. Additionally, the carrier’s seating arrangements in-flight are fantastic, with eight seats per row in the Boeing 787 economy class and nine seats per row in the Boeing 777 economy class.

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Japan Airlines’ Future Objectives

Receiving the award was welcomed with delight by the company as it brings Japan Airlines another step closer to its ultimate goal. The carrier has shared with the industry that it intends to become one of the most preferred airlines in the world and is constantly in search of potential partnerships and new options for growth. At the end of 2017, the carrier has a fleet of more than 230 airplanes and flew to 56 countries, being active in more than 344 airports.

The airline puts emphasis on operating the most recent and innovative aircraft in the world and has had a long-lasting and solid relationship with Boeing in order to provide customers with top quality airplanes. The carrier received its 787-8 Dreamliners on order with the aircraft manufacturer earlier in 2018, which is likely to open new doors for network expansion and growth.

Winning a 5-star rating is likely to positively influence the airline in the future as a rating of the king provides more legitimacy and creates trust in passengers and other aviation companies on the market. The future seems bright for the carrier and expectations are that its growth phase will continue to flourish throughout 2018.

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