Japan Airlines Introduces New Business Class Seat On LAX-Osaka Route

Japan Airlines is upgrading its business class offering between Osaka and Los Angeles.

Despite being a premium airline and part of One World, Japan Airlines still doesn’t have lie flat seats in business class on some of its Boeing 787 aircraft. While this is to be expected on some of its smaller and shorter routes, it shouldn’t be extended to the airline’s more premium routes.

JAL Angled Seat
The old angled business class seat currently used on the Osaka – Los Angeles route. Photo: Japan Airlines

All of this is about to change as Japan Airlines announces that it is introducing fully lie last seats on the B787 aircraft used for this route. This is due to the airline upgrading the route from being operated by a B787-8 aircraft to being operated by a B787-9.

Multiple Seat Types

Interestingly, JAL has more than one business class seat installed on the B787-9. While some of the aircraft have the Apex Suites found on the B777-300ERs (the JAL Sky Suite), some of the aircraft have the newer reverse herringbone seats that are being installed on some B777-200ER aircraft, known as the JAL Sky Suite III.

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The JAL Sky Suite III will found in business class on the route from early 2019. Photo: Japan Airlines

The Route

A B787 operates the flight once a day in each direction. JL60 departs Osaka at 17:25, arriving in LA at 11:45. In the other direction JL69 departs LAX at 13:45 arriving in Osaka a day later at 18:15. This means that the flight returning from Los Angeles is scheduled to take 1h 20m longer than the outbound flight.

The Aircraft

Japan Airlines currently operates 3 different configurations of the B787-9. The highest capacity aircraft has 239 seats, while the lowest has only 195. This is because some of the aircraft do have the old Apex Suite style seating, where as the newer aircraft have the reverse herringbone seating mentioned earlier.

JAL 787 Seat Plan
The Japan Airlines B787-9 seat map. Image: Japan Airlines

In its highest density configuration (shown above) the aircraft has 28 business seats, 21 premium economy seats, and 190 regular economy seats. All of the seats have power outlets and inflight entertainment.

The Business Class Seat

The new reverse herringbone seat to hit the Osaka – Los Angeles route is state of the art. In a 1-2-1 layout, each seat offers direct aisle access. Additionally, each seat turns into a fully flat bed. In fact, with the change of seat, Japan Airlines has gone from emphasising an “Easy-to-reach holder for plastic bottles” to more exciting features such as the seat design feeling like a private room.

The new seat includes a 17″ screen for each passenger, where as the old seat only featured a 15.4″ screen in business class. In addition, the seat has a number of other inbuilt comforts including a moveable arm rest, a large movable table, and movable dividers for added privacy.

Across its entire fleet, Japan Airlines has a total of 7 different types of business class seat. It is clear that these new seats will offer much more comfort for passengers, especially seeing as the flight between Los Angeles and Osaka is so long.

Featured Image: Airbus

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