What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?

Jet Airways suspended operations around a month ago due to massive, crippling debt and an inability to secure financing. However, while Jet Airways isn’t flying anymore, its frequent flyer programme, JetPrivilege, is still active and enrolling new members. But, with Jet Airways grounded indefinitely, what will happen to JetPrivilege?

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
Now that Jet Airways isn’t flying anymore, will Jet Privilege last? Photo: Jet Airways


JetPrivilege is a separate operation from Jet Airways themselves. As a result of Etihad Airways’ investment in Jet, Jet Privilege is now owned by Etihad Aviation Group. As a result, JetPrivilege miles, or JPMiles, are still valid and have worth, regardless of the airlines current situation.

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
Etihad owns JetPrivilege. Photo: Etihad

Jet Airways releases a statement

Jet Airways released a statement regarding JetPrivilege in the wake of their collapse. According to the statement, customers who have JPMiles can still redeem them for airline tickets, hotels, fuel, phone costs and more.

That begs the question, if you can’t use JPMiles on Jet Airways flights, where can you use them?

JPMiles airline partners

JPMiles allows customers to redeem miles on 26 unique airlines. Well, 25 if you consider that Jet Airways has suspended operations. These include Air France, Delta, Etihad Airways, Fiji Airways, Jetstar, KLM, Korean Air, South African Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and more.

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
JetPrivilege has 25 other airline partners. Screenshot: JetPrivilege website

It seems, however, in the wake of Jet’s suspension, JetPrivilege has enlisted more airlines on which customers can redeem their miles. This could make for a few interesting redemptions. For example, you can book a one-way ticket in Ukraine International Airlines business class for 300,000 JPMiles.

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
For 300,000 JPMiles, you can fly from New York to London on Ukraine International Airlines. Screenshot: JetPrivilege booking website

It also seems like former rival, Air India, is one of the airlines you can use JPMiles for. At 312,500 JPMiles, you can fly from Mumbai to London in business class.

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
Some Air India flights are available for JPMile bookings. Screenshot: JetPrivilege booking website

Will JetPrivilege last?

JetPrivilege is still enrolling new members. In addition, it seems like the loyalty scheme is still advertising their credit card partnerships.

While JetPrivilege has access to a fair number of airlines, it would not make sense to enroll in the program and get a co-branded credit card at this stage. First of all, the future of JetPrivilege isn’t guaranteed. Etihad is propping up the program as they await the outcome of their bid for Jet Airways. It is highly unlikely JetPrivilege would last if Etihad’s investment falls through.

Secondly, you need a fair number of JPMiles for an award ticket, so you’d need to do a lot of flying for a redemption. For reference, here’s the JPMiles earning chart for an Etihad Airways flight between New York and Abu Dhabi:

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
Etihad Airways earning chart on a flight from New York to Abu Dhabi. Screenshot: JetPrivilege website

In comparison, a typical flight in economy from Los Angeles to New York costs anywhere from 30,000 JPMiles to 168,750 JPMiles. That means, a roundtrip ticket in Etihad First may not be enough for a one-way economy ticket from LAX to JFK!

Furthermore, to book one of the one-way business class tickets mentioned earlier from New York to London or Mumbai to London, you’d have to take six roundtrip flights in Etihad First! This represents an overwhelmingly poor redemption for JPMiles considering a roundtrip in Etihad first can cost close to $30,000.

What Will Happen To Jet Airways’ Frequent Flyer Programme?
While Etihad first would be a comfortable ride, six round trips would require a staggeringly large expense. Photo: Etihad


If you have a stash of JPMiles, it would make sense to find a good redemption sooner rather than later. It seems unlikely that Jet Airways will return to their large-scale operations anytime soon, particularly as rivals have started to acquire former Jet Airways aircraft.

Also, it makes very little sense to go out and start accruing JPMiles since the cost of acquiring miles for redemption makes them almost worthless.

Are you going to put your JPMiles to use? Let us know in the comments!