JetBlue’s First Airbus A220 Due For Delivery Next Month

JetBlue’s first A220 is on track to the delivered by next month. The carrier has 70 of the -300 variant on order and has remained quite optimistic about the plane’s future despite current conditions. Here’s what to expect from JetBlue’s first A220.

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Rollout
JetBlue’s first A220 rolled off the production line in October. Photo: JetBlue

First delivery

Despite deferring deliveries for 22 A320neos, JetBlue remains committed to inducting the A220 into its fleet this year. According to CEO Robin Hayes, the first aircraft will be inducted in December. This means only a few weeks remain before the first A220 makes its way to JetBlue.

Currently, the airline has 70 A220-300s on the order book with Airbus. However, it also has 60 options for more planes in the future. The delivery schedule for the A220 remains robust, despite the ongoing crisis. JetBlue plans to take delivery of seven planes in 2021 and eight in 2022. The remaining 50-odd aircraft will come in the years that follow.

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Rollout
The A220 will feature a new tail livery known as “Hops.” Photo: JetBlue

The airline’s first plane was revealed in October, rolling out from Airbus’ new Mobile, Alabama A220 production line. It features a new tail livery, known as “Hops” which the airline says represents “the idea of connection many short trips together as part of a larger journey.”

Where will it fly?

The A220 will replace JetBlue’s fleet of Embraer E190s, which means we can expect the plane on many of the routes previously served by the E190. However, the airline has hinted that the plane’s larger seating capacity (140) and range could make it a candidate for coveted transcontinental routes as well. Speaking to Routesonline, COO Joanna Geraghty said,

“Our A220s will naturally have a heavy presence in Boston as it’s one of our biggest E190 footprints today. But the aircraft can do a lot more than the E190 can, which is part of the reasons why we ordered it. We will be able to fly longer stages with a higher utilisation. So you can expect to see us go further within the continent and touch more places.

The A220 could take on some of the routes previously flown by the A320 family. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

The current crisis has also impacted previously high-traffic routes, making the A220 a strong choice to replace the larger A320 or A321s. Some possible routes we could see the plane on is Boston to New York and Boston to Washington. However, JetBlue has stayed quiet about which exact routes the plane will take over.

What to expect?

Since this is a JetBlue aircraft, you can expect a comfortable cabin and inflight entertainment. The airline has gone for 140 seats in the plane, likely with a 3-2 configuration. This is a lower density than we have seen with other carriers, who can pack up to 160 seats in the cabin. According to, there are also five “Even More Space” rows on the plane, with three in the front and two emergency exit rows.

JetBlue A320 restyle
The A220 will come with JetBlue’s latest cabin designs. Photo: JetBlue

This crisis has shown the A220 to be a reliable and versatile aircraft, flying efficiently even with low passenger loads. This made the aircraft the most active fleet in the world, with nearly every operator making use of their A220s.

The interview information in this article was originally published by Routesonline

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