JetBlue Reveals Its Stunning New Airbus A220 Cabin

On the last day of 2020, JetBlue received its first Airbus A220. However, so far both the airline and manufacturer have been tight-lipped about the aircraft’s new interior. It seems JetBlue couldn’t hold it in any longer, today revealing the aircraft’s new cabin to the world.

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Cabin Reveal
JetBlue today revealed its new Airbus A220 cabin to the world. Photo: JetBlue

The Airbus A220 is the smallest product currently on offer in the Airbus commercial lineup. While it was slow to roll out in the United States, it is steadily working its way into the system thanks to Delta. Now, JetBlue is set to begin flying the A220 in the US, before Breeze should follow in the future.

Inside the cabin

Until today we knew that the A220 would have 140 seats fitted, but we didn’t know just what this would look like. Now we don’t have to wait any longer. The aircraft has been fitted with the Collins Meridian seat. As is typical on the Airbus A220, the seats are laid out in a 2-3 configuration, making the left side perfect for couples.

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The seats have a width of 18.6 inches making it the widest economy seat in the airline’s fleet. The front of the seat is made from vegan leather called Ultraleather. Meanwhile, on the back of the seat passengers will find a mesh pocket for storing everything from water bottles to loose items.

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Cabin Reveal
Like other A220s, the aircraft has a 2-3 layout. Photo: JetBlue

Feeling entertained yet?

If you’re not so interested in the seat, perhaps the entertainment system will grab your attention. Every seat has a 10.1-inch high definition screen. Each screen has access to 30 channels of DIRECTV, in addition to a huge catalog of shows and movies.

Personal devices can be paired with the screen for use as a remote or a controller for games. However, don’t worry if your battery is running low. The aircraft features in-seat power. Passengers can access AC, USB-A, and USB-C sockets. It seems from the photos that the seats even appear to take contactless payment!

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Cabin Reveal
The seats seem to suggest they take contactless payments. Photo: JetBlue

Commenting on the new interior, Jayne O’Brien, head of marketing and loyalty, JetBlue, said,

“With the A220 we’ve taken a state-of-the-art aircraft and added our award-winning touch to bring to life an experience only JetBlue could dream up. We look forward to welcoming customers onboard our newest aircraft, with incredible onboard comfort, one-of-a-kind design elements and unparalleled entertainment and connectivity.”

JetBlue, Airbus A220, Cabin Reveal
The aircraft will have six rows of seats with extra leg-room. Photo: JetBlue

Where will it fly?

While JetBlue let us in on the long-awaited cabin today, it also revealed when and where we should expect to see the aircraft enter service. Although, we still don’t know an exact date. The airline revealed that it will begin flying the aircraft in the spring. However, the A220-300’s passenger debut will be in mid-June between Boston and Fort Lauderdale. Future routes have yet to be revealed at this point.

What do you think of JetBlue’s new cabin? Love it or hate it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!