JetBlue Partners With Aruba On COVID-19 Arrival Testing

US hybrid carrier JetBlue has today revealed that it has partnered with Aruba on an entry testing initiative. The country will now accept JetBlue’s pre-flight COVID-19 screening program provided by Vault Health.

JetBlue, Aruba, COVID-19 Tests
JetBlue has partnered with the island of Aruba to offer a new COVID-19 testing option. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

Around the world, each country is implementing slightly different rules and regulations for those entering the country. While Germany is making high-risk arrivals quarantine for five days before taking a COVID-19 test, the UK makes its high-risk arrivals quarantine for 14 days. Parties across the aviation industry have been calling for COVID-19 testing to reduce or replace mandatory quarantine periods.

What’s the latest with Aruba?

Since it reopened to visitors, Aruba has required a negative COVID-19 test to access the island. This meant carrying a certificate issued recently or taking a test on arrival and quarantine while waiting for the result.

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However, JetBlue has now partnered with the island to offer a new type of at-home test provided by Vault Health. The passengers using Vault Health’s service will be able to upload their results while filling in Aruba’s passenger locator form. With a negative test result, they will be free to enjoy their vacation on the island as soon as they arrive.

JetBlue, Aruba, COVID-19 Tests
The test should be ordered about a week before the flight. Photo: Vault Health

Of course, JetBlue passengers still have the option of taking another test that has been approved by the island before travel or taking a test on arrival and then quarantining while waiting for the result.

How does the test work?

The Vault Health test can be taken from home, requiring some input from the person being tested. The passenger must order the test before travel, ideally a week before. The passenger should take the test in the morning two days before they need the results.

For example, if the passenger needs the results on Saturday, they should take the test on Thursday morning. If delivered to UPS by 10:00 on Thursday, Vault Health will receive the test on Friday before issuing the result within 48-72 hours of the test.

JetBlue, Aruba, COVID-19 Tests
JetBlue passengers will still have other COVID-19 testing options available. Photo: Vincenzo Pace |

The person taking the test isn’t on their own while administering it. Trained individuals witness the sample being collected via a zoom call, meaning that the testee is more likely to administer it correctly.

Commenting on the new testing partnership, Joanna Geraghty, President at JetBlue said,

“Reliable, accurate, and convenient testing is a vital key to safely resuming leisure travel and invigorating the economy. With a long history of promoting seamless travel, we are grateful to the Aruban Tourism Authority and the Aruban government for recognizing our partner, Vault, as an easy way for JetBlue customers to meet Aruba’s testing requirements.”

What do you make of JetBlue’s new testing initiative for passengers traveling to Aruba? Do you think it should be rolled out to all passengers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!