JetBlue E190 Detroit to Boston Economy Class Review

I was heading to Boston for a quick ocean getaway, and decided against my usual airline, Delta. Instead I opted for the JetBlue experience.

JetBlue E195
A JetBlue Embraer 190 taxiing in Detroit. Photo: Quinn Favret

I arrived at Detroit’s North Terminal an hour and a half before my 10:27am flight, and met no line at the JetBlue counter. Although I had checked in online already, the self-check-in kiosks were extremely user-friendly and very modern.

JetBlue Checkin Counter
JetBlue’s Detroit check-in counter was very accessible. Photo: Quinn Favret

JetBlue Kiosk

The self-check-in kiosks were very modern. Photo: Quinn FavretAfter security, I proceeded to find gate D17 and soon saw my Embraer 190 arriving from Boston!

JetBlue Parked Plane
My plane parking at gate D17. Photo: Quinn Favret


Before boarding commenced, a friendly flight attendant asked me if I would be willing to move from 10D to 7A in order to allow a family to sit together, and I gladly accepted. We began boarding right on time, and the process went very smoothly.

Boarding JetBlue E195
The flight attendants welcomed everyone aboard. Photo: Quinn Favret

Even though it was a full flight, there was ample space remaining for overhead luggage and stowing carry-ons. After a mere 15 minutes, everyone was on board and the forward boarding door closed. The flight attendants prepared for an early departure and off we went!

JetBlue Wing View
The view from seat 7A. Photo: Quinn Favret

The plane

Prior to boarding, I was eager to see if JetBlue would live up to its reputation of being #1 in America for passenger comfort – it certainly did! The seat was very clean, although the leather was faded.

Economy Class Seat
JetBlue’s economy class seat was roomy and clean. Photo: Quinn Favret

The wide windows of the E190 combined with the leg room gave the plane a roomy feel. At 6’1, my knees are typically squeezed against the seat in front of me, but to my satisfaction I had plenty of room to stretch out.

Economy Seat Leg Room
The seat had plenty of leg room! Photo: Quinn Favret
Frontier Airlines Window View
A Frontier plane could be seen through the large window. Photo: Quinn Favret

It is also worth noting that there was no outlet or USB port available to charge a device.

Seatback Screen Remote
The armrest remote was used for the seatback screen. Photo: Quinn Favret

In-flight entertainment

JetBlue had an overwhelming amount of IFE options, ranging from DirectTV, SiriusXM, and other options available to stream to your device. However, the plane’s screen quality was disappointing. The screens lacked in resolution and constantly jumped to static.

JetBlue seatback screen
The screen was poor quality and frustrating. Photo: Quinn Favret

Luckily, I was able to use my phone instead of the seatback screen. JetBlue is known for its partnerships with other brands like Amazon, so I was able to access Amazon music and other shows while in flight. However, to do this, I either had to log in to my Amazon Prime account or start a 30-day free trial.

The best part about this flight was the fully free in-flight WiFi. After logging into my TrueBlue account, I was able to roam the internet and browse social media.

JetBlue free wifi
JetBlue’s free WiFi was easy to use. Photo: Quinn Favret
In-flight entertainment
The plane featured music, TV, and radio options. Photo: Quinn Favret


The service

The service on board this aircraft was astounding. The flight offered typical drink options, although they were Pepsi brand, yet the snack options’ quality immediately stood out. The flight attendants offered a variety of gourmet snacks, from cookies to sweet potato chips, and encouraged passengers to take more than one.

JetBlue flight snacks
The unique in-flight snacks were lovely! Photo: Quinn Favret

However, the reason I will be flying JetBlue again was the personalization. When serving drinks, the flight attendant referred to each passenger by name, saying, “Hi Mr. Favret, can I offer you anything to drink?”. I was taken aback by this, and could not help but smile. Again, when leaving the plane, the same flight attendant remembered my name and wished me a nice weekend in Boston!

JetBlue wing view
A wing view over Ontario, Canada. Photo: Quinn Favret

A not so blue experience

Overall, my experience on JetBlue was far above average. The fare was less than its competitors, the plane was clean, and service was through the roof. I found my flight to be excellent and will be flying with JetBlue again in the future!

JetBlue Boston Gate
We parked at gate G31 in Boston. Photo: Quinn Favret