JetBlue Shores Up New York Presence With New Caribbean Service

JetBlue operated its first flight to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean yesterday. Traveling from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, the flight landed at Guadeloupe’s Pointe-à-Pitre International at 1:00 pm local time.

JetBlue Airbus A320 Tailfins
JetBlue flew its first flight to Guadeloupe yesterday. Photo: JetBlue

Yesterday, JetBlue celebrated the inaugural flight on its new New York to Guadeloupe route. The airline will operate the route on a winter schedule with three times weekly flights on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays.

Guadeloupe is a French overseas territory consisting of five main islands which JetBlue describes as one of the Caribbean’s ‘best-kept secrets’.

Why has JetBlue chosen Guadeloupe?

The middle of winter can be a depressing time of the year, so customers are always looking for new getaway destinations where they can get some much-needed sun.

These winter sun-seekers are the demographic JetBlue is targeting with the new route. Discussing the new flights to Guadeloupe, JetBlue’s Director of Route Planning, Andrea Lusso, says,

“As we advance our targeted focus city build-out plans, Guadeloupe allows us to diversify our route map and introduce JetBlue customers to this unique island destination.

In fact, JetBlue is the only airline to offer flights between the northeastern US and Guadeloupe. This means that there should be good earning potential for the airline.

JetBlue will be operating its Airbus A320s on its New York to Guadeloupe route and will offer complimentary unlimited snacks, soft drinks and WiFi onboard.

JetBlue Airbus A320 interior
JetBlue will be operating its Airbus A320s on the New York to Guadeloupe route. Photo: JetBlue

The new JetBlue flights and the influx of tourists will also be good news for Guadeloupe itself. Chairman of the Board of Guadeloupe Pôle Caraibe Airport, Alain Bièvre, said:

“We are delighted we were able to maintain a connection between New York and Pointe-à-Pître as this route is crucial for the development of our archipelago… So, we would like to wish the warmest Bienvenue to JetBlue!”

JetBlue’s plans for Europe

JetBlue has also been planning an expansion into Europe, where it sees a gap in the already saturated transatlantic market. As most transatlantic flights are served by legacy carriers, many of whom have joint ventures serving these routes, JetBlue says the prices are too expensive.

As a result, the airline sees a gap it can exploit by offering its own low fares for transatlantic flights. Although JetBlue hasn’t started its transatlantic crossings, it hopes it will be able to launch flights to London after it takes delivery of its Airbus A321LRs in 2021.

JetBlue special livery
JetBlue hopes to launch transatlantic flights to Europe in the next couple of years. Photo: JetBlue

The airline will also be opening a number of new routes for the summer 2020 holiday season. Alongside domestic flights to Bozeman, Montana and Nashville Tennessee, JetBlue will also start up flights to Guatemala City on 1 June.

This new route to Guatemala City will be a big one for JetBlue as it represents the 25th country served by the airline.

Simple Flying has reached out to JetBlue with a request for comment on its New York to Guadeloupe flights. The airline hasn’t been able to respond yet, but we will update the article once we receive more information.