JetBlue Reveals London Schedule As Tickets Briefly Go On Sale

It seems that JetBlue has confirmed that it will be flying to London Heathrow Airport when it launches transatlantic flights later this year. While the JetBlue booking engine was down at the time of writing, Twitter user Ashley Quint spotted the fares on sale earlier this morning.

JetBlue, London Heathrow, Flight Sales
JetBlue was spotted selling tickets to London earlier today before the airline’s booking engine was taken offline. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

For months we’ve been patiently waiting for details of JetBlue’s transatlantic flight announcement. First, the airline secured slots at London Stansted and Gatwick Airports before managing to secure prized London Heathrow slots during the last allocation. Now, combining multiple sources of information, it seems almost certain that JetBlue will be flying to London Heathrow from New York and Boston.

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What do we know?

As mentioned, JetBlue is still yet to make an official announcement on the start of London flights, so the information below is taken from other sources. Twitter user @LuxuryTravelled spotted that flights to London from JFK are now on sale with prices starting from £94.

As the airline’s booking engine is down, it could be the case that these flights were accidentally leaked early in advance of an official announcement, and the airline is now scrambling to take them down.

According to screenshots taken of the process, the flights would operate as follows,

  • B61407 – New York (JFK) 22:09 – London Heathrow (LHR) 10:10+1 – 07h01m
  • B61408 – London Heathrow (LHR) 18:10 – New York (JFK) 21:43 – 08h33m

This would seem to match up with another place where the airline’s flight plans have been leaked. According to London Heathrow’s “which terminal?” tool, a JetBlue flight is expected to arrive from New York City at 10:10, with another flight departing at 18:10, both from Terminal 2. The flights are first listed on London Heathrow’s terminal finder tool from August 2nd.

JetBlue, London Heathrow, Flight Sales
The airline secured London Heathrow slots earlier this year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Flights from Boston to London Heathrow are listed on the terminal finder from September 16th. While full flight details aren’t available, it lists the arriving flight as B6021 from Boston at 10:05 and the departure as B61620 at 18:00. This would mean that two JetBlue aircraft would be on the ground in London for similar periods.

It seems that is not all the airline has to offer. While the booking engine was briefly available again, Simple Flying spotted flights listed from London Gatwick to New York’s JFK airport, again with the Airbus A321LR. London Gatwick fares are listed from September 30th, with flights departing JFK at 19:48, and arriving at Gatwick at 07:55 the next day.

JetBlue, London Heathrow, Flight Sales
Flights are also listed to London Gatwick Airport. Screenshot: Simple Flying

Very low fares!

We had known that JetBlue intended to shake up the transatlantic flight market, with low fares being a key factor. We now know how low fares will be, with a “Blue Basic” ticket listed for just £94 ($133).

According to the JetBlue website, a Blue Basic ticket includes no checked luggage or carry-on bags. Only a personal item is included. However, “Mosaic members” will get one carry-on bag and two checked bags with the fares, while JetBlue Plus/Business Cardmembers will get one checked bag included.

Using the new Airbus A321LR

JetBlue will utilize the Airbus A321LR for the route. While most A321s have one style of seat throughout, JetBlue has taken a different approach. Featuring Airbus’ new Airspace cabin, the aircraft will have 24 lie-flat ‘Mint Suites’ in 12 rows of a 1-1 configuration at the front of the plane.

JetBlue, London Heathrow, Flight Sales
The A321LR will feature 24 premium “Mint suites”. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Behind the premium mint cabin, the usual 3-3 configuration on an Airbus A320 family aircraft will be found. There are 114 seats spread across 19 rows. Most economy seats will offer 32 inches of pitch, with a seat width of 18.4 inches.

As mentioned, JetBlue is also keen to shake up the service on its transatlantic flights, with several improvements on the typical transatlantic soft product. Free WiFi will be offered to all, with customized meals available to be ordered from the seatback entertainment screen. You can read more about the airline’s soft product expectations here.

When do you think JetBlue will make the official announcement about London flights? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!