JetBlue Reveals Mint Business Cabin Refresh Ahead Of London Flight Launch

JetBlue has made a significant announce-mint today! It has finally revealed the new and refreshed Mint product, which will fly on select routes, with a launch as soon as tomorrow. Routes it will fly include some transcontinental services, routes to the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as the highly anticipated service to London.

JetBlue Mint refresh
Suites with doors and a swathe of soft product upgrades for Mint. Photo: JetBlue

All new Mint for JetBlue

It’s been a long time coming, but JetBlue couldn’t keep us waiting much longer! Ahead of its highly anticipated launch to London next year, the airline has today revealed the stunning refresh of its premium cabin.

JetBlue fans will be all too familiar with the Mint service. An affordable, comfortable, luxurious product that has opened the door to pointy-end travel to a whole new segment of fliers. Well, it’s just got a little bit better for those taking their journeys on some of JetBlue’s longest routes.

The refreshed Mint product will be making an appearance in the coming weeks on a swathe of routes. Most are transcontinental services, and those where fliers can dip their toes into the Caribbean and Latin America. However, it’s also being launched on JetBlue’s new London routes, slated to begin next year.

JetBlue Reveals Mint Business Cabin Refresh Ahead Of London Flight Launch
The current ‘Mint map’. Image: JetBlue

What’s new in Mint?

Strap in for all the blue-tiful details of this premium cabin. But let’s manage your expectations. Today’s announcement involves mainly the soft product onboard – there are no details of a new seat yet. This is still on the cards, as JetBlue’s CEO Robin Hayes commented in an Aviation Week webinar today,

“We knew we had to turbo charge [Mint] for the European market and so today’s really was an announcement for local a lot of the software related to the product. It’s the furnishings and the meal service and the duvet, which we will start with effect from tomorrow. You’ll see something from us into next year in terms of thinking in terms of how we upgrade the hardware of the product.”

For extra comfort, JetBlue has partnered with Tuft & Needle to bring passengers a custom-designed comforter and pillow. Passengers can also reserve a suite with a door for extra privacy onboard.

As you’d expect from JetBlue, all passengers will be treated to at-seat IFE. In Mint, this comes in the form of a 15” seatback screen, with hundreds of channels of TV and a huge library of on-demand movies. As well as this, there’s a strong focus on wellness, with meditation and sleepscapes from Inscape, Pressreader, Bloomberg and more. To make sure you’re not disturbed, every passenger gets noise-isolating headphones from NYC’s Master & Dynamic.

Of course, Mint passengers will be bestowed with JetBlue’s industry-leading free WiFi from Viasat. The expanded coverage stretches into the Caribbean and Central America. No word yet on whether this will be available transatlantic too.

Soft product step up

The biggest changes in Mint are clearly being made in the soft product department. For JetBlue’s guests who are staying on the aircraft for longer, the airline has made over its soft product offerings for an unbeatable flying experience.

First, the food. The airline has partnered with Delicious Hospitality Group to bring NYC hotspots Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records to Mint. The small plate service will bring fabulous dining to the skies, and there’s even a custom playlist to go with each meal!

Also with Delicious Hospitality, JetBlue has revamped its drinks options. The bar will now be offering an international artisan wine list, curated by Parcelle, as well as real cocktails shaken onboard. The cocktails take inspiration from the inimitable Ada’s Place.

If that wasn’t enough, the airline has partnered with Waderfuel to offer a unique assortment of wellness products to Mint passengers. Offerings will be tailored based on the flight time and destination and might include body wipes, nutritional support, digestive aids, and energizing products.

No London confirmation yet

Although JetBlue is keenly plying its new Mint cabin on some domestic and current international routes, this product looks set to be a gamechanger on the London flights. It’s creating an experience that is as much a part of the holiday as getting to the destination will be, adding that certain je ne sais quoi that’s been sadly missing from long-haul airlines for a very long time.

Talking of London, everyone was hoping for a reveal today, given that the airline secured slots at two London airports in the most recent round of allocations. It seems we’re going to have to wait a little longer for full details of that, but at least now we can dream about the way we’re going to fly.