JetBlue To Launch Several New Routes For Summer 2020

JetBlue has announced a number of new routes which it will operate during the summer of 2020. Highlights include a new route to Guatemala City, in addition to more domestic flights.

JetBlue, New York, Guatemala City
JetBlue has announced several new routes. Photo: Getty Images

Airlines are currently in the process of announcing new routes for 2020. In fact, we saw Qatar Airways announce eight new routes. This was followed earlier today by WestJet announcing a 6-hour Transatlantic Boeing 737 flight. WestJet’s new flight is set to operate from Halifax to Manchester. But enough about other airlines. Let’s get back to JetBlue, and the new flights announced by the American airline.

Guatemala City

The international route launched by JetBlue will see the airline flying south to Guatemala city. The flights will originate from JFK and are already on sale. From the 1st of June, flights will operate daily. This will make Guatemala the 25th country to be served by JetBlue. Flights will operate to the following schedule:

  • JetBlue flight 625 will depart from JFK at 19:00. It will then land at Guatemala City (GUA) at 22:15 later that evening.
  • JetBlue flight 628 will then depart Guatemala City at 23:25 after just over an hour on the ground. It is then scheduled to touch back down in New York at 06:00 the next morning.
JetBlue, New York, Guatemala City
Guatemala will be JetBlues 25th country. Photo: Airbus


JetBlue is also launching new services to Bozeman from both JFK and Boston from mid-June onwards. The flight from New York will operate at least three times per week, and occasionally daily. It will operate as follows:

  • Flight 947 will depart from New York (JFK) at 18:59. It is then scheduled to touch down in Bozeman (BZN) at 21:50.
  • Flight 994 is then scheduled to depart at 22:38. Following its flight, it should arrive back in New York at 05:05 the next morning.

Meanwhile, the carrier’s new flight from Boston will operate every Saturday and Wednesday to the following schedule:

  • Flight 257 will depart Boston (BOS) at 11:46 in the morning. It is then scheduled to touch down in Bozeman (BZN) at 14:54.
  • Flight 256 will depart for the return leg at 15:40. It is then due to arrive back in Boston at 22:00 that evening.
JetBlue, New York, Guatemala City
JetBlue also has the Airbus A220 on order. Photo: Airbus


Last but not least, the American carrier announced that it intended to launch two new daily flights from JFK to Nashville, Tennessee. This consists of one morning flight, and one afternoon/evening flight as follows:

  • Flight 1073 will depart from New York’s JFK at 08:00. It is due to arrive in Nashville (BNA) at 09:39.
  • Flight 1074 will depart from Nashville for the return flight at 10:25, touching back down in New York at 13:48.
  • Flight 983 will depart from New York at 16:40, before touching down in Nashville at 18:19.
  • Finally, Flight 9878 will depart from Nashville at 19:05. After this, it is due to land in JFK at 22:28.

However, expect more announcements to come in the course of the year. We’ll hopefully also find out more details regarding JetBlue’s planned services to London set to launch.

Will you find any of the new services useful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!