JetBlue To Reinvent Transatlantic Economy Class On The A321LR

JetBlue has revealed plans to ‘reinvent’ the economy class experience on transatlantic flights. The announcement comes as the airline plans to launch non-stop flights to London later this year with its new Airbus A321LR aircraft featuring a brand new Mint cabin.

JetBlue, Airbus A321LR, Transatlantic economy
JetBlue has revealed plans to reinvent transatlantic economy. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

While the current situation has created a low mood for many in the aviation industry, excitement remains over the Transatlantic market’s future. Hybrid carrier JetBlue is currently making all the preparations to launch non-stop flights to London later this year.

Reinventing economy

JetBlue today outlined how it intends to reinvent the economy experience when traveling between the United States and London. According to JetBlue, there are three specific pain points when traveling in economy over the Atlantic. These are,

  1. “The dreaded center section”
  2. “The ‘choice’ of assembly-line chicken or beef”
  3. “The lack of connectivity”

To revolutionize travel, JetBlue has proposed a solution to each of these points.

Fixing the center seat:

Let us start with the dreaded center section. JetBlue has been working with Airbus to be the launch customer of the new Airspace interior.

JetBlue, Airbus A321LR, Transatlantic economy
The airline is confident that its economy cabin will be the best in the transatlantic market. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

According to JetBlue, this cabin will pair the comfort of a widebody aircraft with a narrowbody’s boutique style. 114 seats will make up the economy cabin, with “the most legroom in economy” at 32 inches.

According to the airline, this will offer “more space and comfort” than any other transatlantic carrier. In addition, the A321LR will feature 4 rows of Even More® Space seating with up to six inches more legroom.

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What about the “assembly-line chicken or beef”?

You may be wondering how JetBlue plans to tackle the problem it has described as “assembly line chicken or beef”. The airline has partnered with Dig to provide catering on these flights. According to the carrier, passengers will be able to customize their food tray from their seatback screen.

The “Build-your-own tray table” concept will allow passengers to choose exactly what they want to eat. Although this does sound like it will create a lot of extra work for the flight’s crew.

JetBlue To Reinvent Transatlantic Economy Class On The A321LR
Build your own meal from your seatback screen. Photo: JetBlue

Customers will have the option to choose one of three main selections including a protein or vegetable that comes with a base, and two out of three hot and chilled side options. Passengers will also be able to access a self-serve pantry throughout the flight, while the airline will serve a light bite before arrival. Additionally, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages will also be included in the ticket price.

Jayne O’Brian, head of marketing and loyalty at JetBlue stated:

“When we shook up premium travel with Mint, one of the biggest ‘wow’ moments for our customers was our fresh take on dining. Great food doesn’t have to be limited to the premium cabin, and our customers in core also deserve a dining experience that is thoughtfully prepared and offers choices,”

Tackling connectivity

JetBlue will offer every passenger complimentary WiFi, whether in the economy cabin or the new Mint business class cabin. This will work from gate to gate and will be provided with Thales AVANT and ViaSat-2 connectivity. As such, the airline says that the WiFi should be high-speed for every customer. Meanwhile, every seat will have access to a state-of-the-art entertainment system that includes international live TV.

JetBlue To Reinvent Transatlantic Economy Class On The A321LR
JetBlue’s new A321LR cabin, complete with the new Airbus Airspace interior. Photo: JetBlue

Up towards the front of the cabin:

JetBlue earlier in the year revealed the styling of its highly anticipated Mint business class cabin for its new transatlantic services. The airline has gone with the Thompson Aero Vantage SOLO for the seat, a reverse herringbone cabin layout for maximum capacity, and a game-changing ‘studio’ up front. Every passenger in the Mint cabin will be welcomed with more privacy, more space, and lie flat comfort at every seat. The cabin on the A321LR will offer 24 individual Mint suites.

But the real gamechanger is that studio. In the first row of every A321LR, passengers can enjoy the biggest lie-flat bed and more real estate than any other US carrier. The product looks stunning, and at JetBlue’s affordable premium prices, it’s sure to become the best way to cross the Atlantic by far.

JetBlue Mint
JetBlue’s Mint Studio. Photo: JetBlue

The Evolution Of Mint: read our exclusive interview with JetBlue’s Director of Product Development, Mariya Stoyanova

When will JetBlue’s transatlantic flights be launched?

JetBlue is expected to launch transatlantic flights in the summer of 2021. According to reports, the airline has secured London Heathrow slots. The airline however hasn’t officially revealed its London airport just yet. In a statement sent to Simple Flying, the airline said:

“We can’t wait to launch transatlantic service later this year and love all the enthusiasm and speculation for where JetBlue will touch down. We won’t comment on our specific plans until we have made a final decision on our initial London airport.”

What do you make of JetBlue’s transatlantic economy class plans and their transatlantic launch? Let us know in the comments below!