Fokker 100 Crashes In Kazakhstan Leaving At Least 15 Dead

At least 15 people have died following a fatal Fokker 100 crash in Kazakhstan. The aircraft lost height shortly after departure, breaking into several pieces as it impacted the ground.

Kazakhstan, Plane Crash, Fokker 100, Bek Air
Several have been confirmed dead following a plane crash in Kazakhstan. Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this morning a Fokker 100 being operated by Bek Air impacted the ground striking a building. The accident occurred shortly after departure, with the initial death toll varying. The BBC’s latest reported figure puts the current death toll at 15. At the time of the crash, there were 98 people on board including 5 members of the crew.

What happened?

Bek Air flight Z9-2100 was supposed to be a domestic flight from Almaty to Nur-Sultan (Also known as Astana). The aircraft operating the flight was a Fokker 100 registered as UP-1007. According to, the aircraft was 23.7 years old at the time of the crash, having taken its first flight in April 1996.

According to data from, the aircraft began its take-off run at around 07:20 local time (01:20UTC). The data then shows the aircraft briefly gaining an altitude of around 2000 feet before the recorded data stops. According to the Aviation Herald, the aircraft rolled left, then right after departure coming to rest to the right of the runway. There has been some suggestion that ice could have been present on the wing at the time of the collision.

Kazakhstan, Plane Crash, Fokker 100, Bek Air
Flight data from the fatal flight. Photo:

Immediate aftermath

As with any incident of such magnitude, the initial details are constantly changing. Reports suggest that 66 people were taken to hospital with around 22 in a critical condition. One of those initial survivors taken to the hospital has since passed away.

Looking at photos of the damage to the aircraft, the worst injuries were likely sustained towards the front of the aircraft, which broke away from the main fuselage of the Fokker 100 and sustained significant damage.

Kazakhstan, Plane Crash, Fokker 100, Bek Air
The front of the aircraft has sustained significant damage. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, photos of the rear portion of the aircraft seem to show it relatively intact, with just the tail section also breaking off. As such, it appears as though those with more severe injuries were sat in the front portion of the aircraft.

Kazakhstan, Plane Crash, Fokker 100, Bek Air
The rear portion of the aircraft remains relatively intact. Photo: Getty Images

The passenger manifest, released by Kazakhstan’s Interior Ministry, shows that 93 passengers were on board. This consists of 85 adults, five children, and three infants. Those who lost their lives include the flight’s captain. According to the BBC, The President of Kazahkstan said: “all those responsible will be severely punished in accordance with the law”.

The Civil Aviation Authority in Kazakhstan has suspended Bek Air’s operating certificate. As a result, all other flights due to be operated by Bek Air have been canceled. The airworthiness certificate of the Fokker 100 was renewed on the 22nd of May earlier this year.

Simple Flying expresses its condolences to those involved in this morning’s crash.