The Ultimate Guide To The Most Kid-Friendly Airports

**UPDATE @ 27/06/2020: SFO no longer has an aquarium at Terminal 1**

This year, summer holiday travel may look a lot different, but that’s not stopped some of us from planning our next trip. If you’re thinking of taking your kids on vacation some point soon, it may be useful to know which airports look after your kids the best.

Child on trunki
Here are the world’s best child-friendly airports. Photo: Getty Images

You may have already noticed that some of the world’s airports cater to children better than others. From play areas to museums and help for new parents, there’s something for everyone, no matter your interest or needs. Here are the top ten most kid-friendly airports on the planet!

The criteria for a kid-friendly airport

When you’re traveling with your children, some things can be stressful. Whether you’re keeping them entertained, looking for a smooth check-in, or need help feeding them, everyone wants different things.

Some of the world’s airports have dedicated services that cater to families. As a parent, you’ll be looking for ease of access. You may also like free strollers to get you from A to B with minimal fuss. In addition, you might find it useful to have some form of play area or, if you have young children, changing stations and milk-warming options might be the thing for you.

Mom with baby in Denver
Airports that have ease of access and offer exceptional entertainment are ranked in our most kid-friendly airports. Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to family-friendly airports, our guide takes into consideration the following:

  • Above and beyond play areas;
  • Out of the ordinary entertainment; and
  • Extra special family-friendly services.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the world’s friendliest airports for children.

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the best in the world for children and adults alike. This sprawling airport is kitted out with the young traveler in mind. One of its most redeeming qualities is the fact that it’s centered around nature.

Changi Airport
Changi is nature-centric. Photo: Getty Images

Families can enjoy a close-up encounter with 1,000 butterflies in the Butterfly Garden, visit the rooftop Sunflower Garden or take a walk through the Enchanted Garden. Of course, there’s the Jewel too.

In addition to its green-fingered delights, children can also enjoy play areas and climbing frames as well as the world’s largest airport slide standing 12 meters tall! You’ll also find art stations, a movie theatre and entertainment deck with video games, a swimming pool, and baby care facilities.

2. San Francisco International Airport, US

San Francisco International Airport gets one of the top spots on our list because of its out of the ordinary entertainment and kid-friendly dining.

SFO outside
SFO is home to an aquarium. Photo: Håkan Dahlström via Wikimedia Commons

San Francisco International also offers the following features:

  • A kid’s play area (Kids’ Spot);
  • Self-guided tours;
  • Museum exhibitions; and
  • A yoga room.

To make your journey more comfortable, there is also an Air Train and various nurseries as well as 13 restaurants with special menus for children. In addition, seven shops offer care for babies such as diapers and formula.

3. Dubai International Airport, UAE

Dubai’s International Airport has a dedicated zone for families and young children. You will not be bored here! Not only is there the standard play area and baby changing station but you’ll also find TVs with kids cartoons and interactive games. What’s more, Bounce offers trampoline play.

DXB Concourse train
DXB has a dedicated young children’s area. Photo: Dubai Airports

Logistically for parents, there are also free strollers near family check-in, which can be used right up to the gate. There’s also a selection of kid-friendly eating options. While it’s maybe not the most advisable to fill your children with chocolate right before a flight, the Nutella cafe does offer a unique treat.

4. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Zurich not only offers play options for toddlers but also excels in services for parents with young children. You’ll find free-of-charge rooms for breastfeeding and sleeping, as well as small kitchenettes to warm food. Cutlery, changing tables, and baby products are also made available.

For slightly older children, there also computer games, PlayStations and a foosball table.

5. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

By far, one of the most exciting features in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is the fact that the city comes to you. With the Rijksmuseum, you can discover classic art pieces with your children. Alternatively, the NEMO museum gives a taste of interactive science. You may also find something interesting in the Airport Library.

NEMO Science museum
A miniature version of the NEMO science museum exists in Schiphol Airport. Photo: Elekes Andor via Wikimedia Commons

6. Seoul Incheon Airport, South Korea

Seoul Incheon Airport is another of Asia’s most child-friend airports. It has a colorful play area complete with ball pit and 24-hour nurseries to relax, change diapers, or heat food. There are also machines for bottle sterilization.

For those looking to immerse themselves in South Korean culture, there’s also the opportunity to relax at the Korean Cultural Street. What’s more, you’ll also be able to rent strollers for free to take you right up to the boarding gate.

7. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

In addition to kids play areas, Hong Kong International Airport also offers weekend workshops for creative children. While the style of these workshops could be subject to change and suspension in the coming months, the airport currently runs free art-themed workshops that can be booked in advance.

Hong Kong International has free workshops for children. Photo: Mk2010 via Wikimedia Commons

If you happen to arrive in Hong Kong outside of the weekend, don’t fret! Your children will still be able to play in the soft play areas and also enjoy the use of the children’s TV lounge. There’s also a space to play computer games and stations to charge electricals.

8. Perth Airport, Australia

Perth Airport’s child-friendly offering is set up for ease of access. There’s a soft play area with kid’s slide and rideable plane in T1 International with several restaurants nearby offering children’s menus. You’ll also find strollers on request and Parenting Rooms for changing diapers and resting.

9. Baltimore Washington International Airport, US

Parents have recognized Baltimore Washington International Airport for its kid-friendly active living. Not only does it have a gym with free showers for adults, but there’s also a signposted cardio-trail to burn off that extra energy. In addition, the airport contains an art center, play area, and observations deck for children.

CSIA departure
Elegant CSIA also has beautiful artwork. Photo: Chris Hoare via Flickr

10. Mumbai CSIA, India

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) is a wonder for the eyes. The Jaya He GVK New Museum spans some 3.2km at T2 and contains 5,500 artifacts from 100 artists and 1,000 artisans. The idea is to share India’s cultural affinity with travel and rites of passage. To experience the museum to the fullest, families can take guided tours. This is an excellent opportunity to share heritage with your children.

Whether you decide to admire the works of art of not, CSIA does have other options for entertaining your children. There is a play area complete with Jungle Safari and changing rooms for young children.

Are there any other child-friendly airports that you would add to our list? Let us know in the comments.