Kids Fly For Free On These 7 Airlines

Flying with your family can get expensive. Not only do you need to buy a ticket for each passenger over the age of two (Many airlines allow parents to fly with children under 2 years old on their lap), you have to feed every mouth, spend time entertaining and bring each little one their own luggage!

However, airlines are more willing to create deals for families, going as far as to let some children fly for free in their own seat. Budget-conscious parents should consider the following airlines when booking for trips domestic and abroad.

For those who don’t want to fly with children, we have the opposite article regarding adult-only flights.

Frontier Airlines

Source: Frontier Airlines

First in this list is Frontier Airlines. Whilst they are known for their rock bottom prices (going as far as to change for a backpack carry on) they have launched a new membership program that allows younger children to fly for free.

Dubbed the ‘Discount Den‘, this $60 a year membership program gets you to access to free flights for children under the age of 15, one for each passenger who buys a full fare (which is additionally discounted as part of the program). Additional benefits include a discount on all purchases, earning miles and access to exclusive deals before the general public.

This can be used to get up to six discounted fares for adults, and six free tickets for children. This does not apply to all flights, so be sure to double check before committing to the year membership.

Just watch out, as Frontier is an ultra-low-cost carrier and you will need to pay for everything including seat selection, baggage and food.

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Kids Fly For Free On These 7 Airlines
A SAS A340 landing. Source: SAS

The 2nd airline on this offers special deals throughout the year for families that include free travel for children. Whilst the most recent promotion just ended in December, they will be sure to bring it back once the holiday period is over. Children must be with a parent (so one parent, one child, two parents, two children etc) and only applies to children 11 and under.

SAS offers great deals to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden from US cities (and vise versa).


A Qatar Airways 777
A Qatar Airways 777

Qatar also offers a similar promotion as SAS, offering two children under the age of 11 to fly for free (with their own seats) with one adult. The promotions generally activate outside of school holiday periods, but as Qatar has such an extensive network it is something to look at before you buy.


Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines was expected to be launching Hawaii services any day now. Photo: Southwest

Leading up to the excitement that is Southwest’s flights to Hawaii, many have not heard that they also offer a straight discount on all children between the ages of 2 to 11. It depends on which flight you are booking for, but they will be cheaper than a full adult fare.

The one catch is that you can’t get it online. You will need to book through their customer service center (1-800-435-9792 from a US number).

Air Tahiti Nui – Free With Taxes

Kids Fly For Free On These 7 Airlines
The new Boeing 787-9 for Air Tahiti Nui.

This deal might get your attention, Air Tahiti Nui regularly offers deals for children to fly for free* to the south pacific paradise of Tahiti. Two children can fly for free* for one paying adult, perfect for an island getaway from Los Angeles. Now, we keep putting a little star next to the word free because, whilst parents don’t pay for the airline fare, they will have to pay for taxes on the ticket.

Still, it’s a heck of a discount and an awesome experience for little ones.

British Airways – Domestic

British Airways A220
British Airways A319 landing at London City Airport. Photo: British Airways

The 2nd last on this list is the special promotions that British Airways runs allowing parents to fly domestically with small children. Whilst it might seem a little limited to just be trapped on the British Isles, partnered with another airline on this list (such as Qatar) this might actually be quite a good deal.

The offer comes and goes (be sure to check their website) but generally lets two children up to 12 fly with one adult for free on domestic flights.

Virgin Atlantic – Fare Discount

Across the pond in the UK, Virgin Atlantic offers a special arrangement for parents flying with children. However, this is not exactly free. Virgin offers 25% off a full fare if the child is between the ages of 2-12 (under 2 is free) and also offers 25% off an additional seat if the parent wants extra room for their 2-year-old.

What do you think of these deals? Will you be flying with your children?