KLM Begins Ramping Up Its Flight Schedule For The Summer


Earlier this week, KLM announced that it is ramping up its flight schedule for the summer. The Dutch airline said on Tuesday (June 2nd) that it would be making the majority of additions in Southern Europe. The airline will provide 60% more flights in July in comparison to this month as it battles low flight volumes due to coronavirus.

KLM at gate
KLM restarts some summer routes for July. Photo: Getty Images

KLM’s July schedule gets a boost

Just a few months since many of the world’s borders and air travel shut due to COVID-19, some airlines are now ready to start flying again. Having gently increased its flight schedule in May and June, KLM is now keen to take travelers back to their favorite summer hotspots.

In July 2020, KLM will be flying to a total of 124 destinations, which is a significant increase on its June program. The planned schedule includes 73 destinations in Europe. In a statement, KLM shared that,

“…compared to June, the number of flights [in July] will increase by more than 60 percent.”

KLM will offer 28 additional services from next month. Compared to May, its planned European schedule for July is an increase of over 140%.

KLM will fly to Southern Europe again
KLM’s strategy focuses on Southern Europe. Photo: Getty Images

The main European schedule adjustments will be happening in Southern Europe where KLM will offer routes to some of the following destinations:

  • Alicante, Spain;
  • Bologna, Italy;
  • Ibiza, Spain;
  • Istanbul, Turkey;
  • Split, Croatia.

The airline also has plans to open up in other regions as well.


KLM goes intercontinental

For July, KLM has planned an additional six routes. It will fly to:

  • Calgary, Canada;
  • Denpasar, Indonesia;
  • Jakarta, Indonesia;
  • San Francisco, US;
  • Vancouver, Canada;
  • Washington, US.
KLM will add these six destinations to its route network in July. Photo: Great Circle Mapper

These destinations will be offered in addition to the other routes that KLM has added for June. This month, it has put five routes back on its schedule to the Caribbean Netherlands and South America.

For July, the destinations above will bring KLM’s planned schedule to 51 intercontinental routes. The airline says that it currently flies half of these routes for cargo but hopes that the relaxation of flight restrictions will allow it to return with passengers. As such, KLM’s planned network is subject to change, and it has not opened booking for some of these services.


The expansion is good for KLM and Amsterdam Schiphol

KLM now expects that over 3,000 flights will depart in July from its hub in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It’s taking every precaution to keep passengers safe through sanitization and social distancing. However, it also requests that passengers bring their own mask or face covering when boarding flights. Without one, passengers will be denied boarding.

Deserted Schiphol Airport
Customers will return to Schiphol Airport in the near future. Photo: Getty Images

While the expansion is good for the health and the return to normalcy for KLM, it’s also helpful for Amsterdam Schipol. Its latest figures for April 2020 show that it received 97.9% fewer passengers than in April 2019. Overall, that demonstrates a 42.6% drop in passengers since the start of the year compared to the same period (January-April) in 2019.

Furthermore, it had just 9.3% of its regular scheduled flights in April, with only 6% of routine European flights going ahead. No doubt, as airlines like KLM begin to flesh out their schedules, Schiphol Airport will also benefit shortly.

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