KLM’s 100th Anniversary Boeing 787 Missed The Celebration

KLM’s first Boeing 787-10 was due for delivery today. The delivery of the aircraft was to coincide with some celebrations KLM is having for their 100-year anniversary. Unfortunately, the aircraft delivery did not occur as scheduled. As of now, KLM only operates the Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

Boeing 787 KLM
KLM currently only operates Boeing 787-9s. Photo: KLM

Delayed delivery

The delivery of KLM’s first 787-10 was supposed to be on June 29, 2019. That didn’t happen. It turns out that the delivery will be a few days later than anticipated. KLM released a statement in which they said the following:

The arrival of KLM’s first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner from the Boeing factory in Charleston USA will be later than anticipated. The new aircraft was initially planned to land at Schiphol on Saturday morning 29 June, but is now expected in the coming days. It often happens that the delivery process of an aircraft is slightly delayed due to the complexity and administrative issues.


An exact date for delivery wasn’t given. But, since it seems like the issues may be more administrative, the delivery could happen sooner rather than later. The aircraft in question remains in Charleston and still bears the 100-year livery.


Boeing and Charleston

Boeing’s plant in Charleston recently came under enhanced scrutiny. One of the main issues was production quality and safety surrounding 787s that were sent out for delivery. It doesn’t appear that the 787-10 delay is as a result of poor production. However, both KLM and Boeing are being tight-lipped as to the exact issue with the aircraft, instead claiming it is an administrative issue.

Boeing 787-10
Boeing’s 787 recently faced additional scrutiny due to concerns about poor production. Photo: Boeing

KLM’s celebrations

Despite the delivery delay, KLM continued their celebration. KLM’s 100-year anniversary will happen on October 7th, 2019. June 29th marked the 100-day countdown to KLM’s 100-year anniversary. The first 787-10 is in a special livery marking KLM’s 100-year anniversary, but despite its absence, the celebrations continued.

KLM celebrations
KLM continued their 100-year celebrations despite the delivery delay. Photo: KLM

Also in attendance was a special guest for KLM and the Netherlands. The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, took part in the festivities along with KLM’s CEO Pieter Elbers.

KLM celebrations
Minister of Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (second from the left) and KLM CEO Pieter Elbers (second from the right) took part in the festivities. Photo: KLM


KLM’s 787-10 wasn’t in attendance for the start of the 100-day countdown. Neither KLM nor Boeing have specified as to the exact issues that led to the delayed delivery. But, it seems that KLM is expecting the brand new Boeing 787-10 to touch down in Amsterdam in the coming days.

Will you fly on KLM’s 787-10? Let us know in the comments!


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This article is so redundant, it hurts.


Why is it redundant? An airline misses its new flagship plane on its birthday…like a child being skipped by Santa at Christmas.
I wonder why it wasn’t delivered on time? A last-minute inspection probably revealed all sorts of Boeing junk left behind in sensitive areas! Not a good idea to fly a plane with a spanner inside an engine, or chewing gum in one of the Pitot tubes 😏


Look what I just found in the Seattle Times: the US Department of Justice has started a criminal investigation into shoddy B787 production in Charleston, USA:


I wonder how long it will take before Boeing has to go Chapter 11…?

Joanna Bailey

Why is it? It was an important delivery, Boeing missed it. Undoubtedly their attention was elsewhere but still, worth reporting I think.

Joanna Bailey

We’re covering this story, thanks Nigel. Absolutely shocking.


Which is one of the number of reasons I will never travel with an airline that operates the max. I have a son, if he travels with me, and Boeing has made huge mistakes on the design, never mind the software and our family perish that’s on me. It is an aircraft built on the cheap. Think of it as the K Mart (for those of you in the US, and H&M sales, inthe UK, what you cant get rid of at full price) of aircraft, it needs taking out the back and shooting. I as a traveller have a… Read more »