What Is The KLM Bus?

Driving to the airport or getting a train or bus at your expense may seem like the logical way to start your holiday. However, if you’ve booked with KLM or its partners and are traveling from select destinations, you may be entitled to free bus or train travel via the KLM Bus.

KLM aircraft at gate
Did you know KLM has its own Bus network? Photo: KLM

What is the KLM Bus?

Did you know that KLM runs its own bus service? It’s been around for several years and is easily recognizable as a tall blue coach with windows like an airplane. You’ll find it at select destinations within the Netherlands, and the service also doubles up to offer free train travel in France, Canada, and Belgium.

Thanks to KLM’s proven commitment to the environment, the KLM bus is a way for customers to reduce their carbon footprint between their flights. KLM’s blue buses run off 100% renewable energy made from certified waste. The benefit of that is not only that the service does not use fossil fuels but that it does not drain precious natural resources either. It’s a win for climate change but also for passengers.

KLM sustainable taxiing
The KLM Bus network is an extension of KLM’s wider environmental commitment. Photo: KLM

KLM’s bus service or train partnership is entirely free if you’re booked with KLM or, in some instances, their partners Air France and Delta. Regardless of whether they take the bus or the train, customers can rest assured that they are saving money on transportation costs and airport parking. If you’re eligible for this service, it’s a no-brainer.

How does the service work?

Historically, KLM has operated between seven destinations in the Netherlands to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It also:

  • operates a bus from Ottawa Airport to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport;
  • gives train tickets between the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • gives train tickets between Belgium and France;
  • offers train travel within France to and from Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG).

Recently, due to developments in the coronavirus, KLM has had to postpone its bus service. However, on June 30th, it announced that it would begin re-running services. As of July 1st, the airline started operating its Bus network to a select number of destinations within the Netherlands to Schiphol Airport.

Schiphol Airport
A limited service now operated to and from Schiphol Airport. Photo: Getty Images

These were:

  • Maastricht;
  • Maastricht Aachen;
  • Eindhoven;
  • Nijmegen;
  • Arnhem;
  • Enschede;
  • Hengelo; and
  • Apeldoorn.

Using the KLM Bus

All of the services mentioned above on the limited route network arrive in Departure Hall 2 at Schiphol Airport. Onboard, passengers will be able to take advantage of free wifi and can feel confident that they will make their connection on time. If delays ensue, KLM will rebook passengers if they miss their flights.

KLM bus
KLM’s bus is easily recognizable. Photo: KLM

As can be expected, passengers wishing to use the Bus network will be subject to social distancing and personal protection procedures. All passengers must wear masks, use antibacterial hand gel when boarding, and maintain a distance of 1.5m between themselves and other passengers.

Passengers can book tickets via the KLM website and select their departure destination to receive free transport.

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