KLM Pilots Report Of Possible UFO Sighting Over Canada

A KLM flight from Boston to Amsterdam on 30th July saw something interesting during its flight near Newfoundland, Canada. Pilots reportedly saw a “bright green object” from the cockpit, which had no impact on operations. Notably, another aircraft in the area, Canadian military C-17, also spotted the same object. Let’s investigate more.

KLM A330-300
The KLM A330-300 may have made an interesting discovery on a routine flight from Boston. Photo: Getty Images

One for the X-Files?

According to Live and Let’s Fly, the pilots of a KLM A330-300 made an interesting sighting on a routine transatlantic service on 30th July from Boston to Amsterdam. The flight deck reportedly saw a “bright green flying object,” noted as a UFO (unidentified flying object). The UFO quickly entered a cloud and disappeared soon after. There was no impact on KLM flight 618’s course or altitude.

The sighting occurred over the Gulf of St. Lawrence, before Newfoundland at around 01:55 AM local time and was reported to the Gander Area Control Center. However, interestingly, KL618 was not the only one to see this UFO on the same day.

The UFO was seen by two different sets of pilots over the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. Map: RadarBox.com

A Canadian government C-17 Globemaster, flying from Trenton, Ontario, to Cologne, Germany, encountered the same bright green object at roughly the same time and location. However, the C-17 was forced to make flying changes when it spotted the UFO in its path, increasing altitude by 1,000 feet and changed its course to avoid contact.


While the presence of UFO and alien life may tickle one’s fancy, there are several other possible explanations. One likely explanation could be that the bright green object was a part of the Perseid meteor shower, which occurred on the same day. Meteors can have similar characteristics and positions as that one described.

However, the presence of two flights seeing the objects is rarer (but not unseen) and does raise further questions, and an investigation is likely underway. In a statement to Daily Mail, the spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Air Force said,

“The crew saw something in the air, and reported it to NAV Canada as per standard procedure, before carrying on with their mission without further incident…While it is not known what they saw, there was nothing to indicate that it posed any kind of security concern or posed a safety risk to the aircraft.”

UFO Sighting
Further investigations will be needed to ascertain what exactly the pilots saw. Photo: Getty Images

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Not new

It’s important to note that pilots spotting UFOs is not a new occurrence. In February, an American Airlines flight reportedly spotted a UFO over New Mexico but did not give any further information, with the investigation going to the FBI. Those on the ground have also seen UFOs in the past, which later turned out to be suborbital satellites.

UFOs have been in the news in recent months after the US declassified reports on its intriguing objects. For now, it remains unclear what the bright green flying object over Canada was, with many possibilities, including even UFOs.

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