Korean Air Will Now Alert You If Your Baggage Made The Flight

Korean Air is launching a new service that will notify passengers when their checked baggage has been safely loaded onto their flights. Officially in place as of yesterday, the service is available for the airline’s international flights departing Seoul Incheon International Airport.


Korean Air planes
The baggage notification service is accessed via a mobile app. Photo: Boeing


Added peace of mind

While the probability of a bag making it on to the flight of its owner is already quite a sure thing (at least in many parts of the world), Korean Air’s new service adds that extra peace of mind. According to the airline’s press release, this is what an app notification will look like for the passenger:

“Your bag KE123456 has been loaded on flight KE082 bound for New York (JFK).”

The airline says that its mobile app will send out push notifications to inform passengers that their baggage is safely loaded. To achieve this, the service gathers information from the baggage reconciliation system (BRS) that matches barcode information scanned from the check-in and loading processes. The BRS ensures that the bags are on the right flight and provides baggage tracking.

Baggage separation can be a surefire way to ruin a short holiday. Photo: pixabay

How it works

Korean Air says that when the baggage is checked, it makes its way through the airport, transported to the loading area in front of the aircraft through Incheon Airport’s baggage handling system (BHS). Then, baggage is scanned one last time by the BRS, which confirms that the baggage has been loaded. It is at this point that the passenger receives notification, “relieving any anxiety about whether the baggage is on the plane.”

There are some catches to this wonderful new feature, however:

  • This would only be available on an International Korean Air flight
  • It applies only to such flights out of Incheon Airport
  • Finally, the service is available to Skypass members with Korean Air’s mobile app, who have enabled push notifications

Like many frequent flyer programs, Skypass membership is free, and therefore to benefit from this service, passengers only need to sacrifice some of their time to sign-up for Skypass and download the app.

The airline says that it has plans to expand the service to other global airports.

Korean Air Will Now Alert You If Your Baggage Made The Flight
Korean Air plans to expand this service to other airports in the future. Photo: Bonnie Henderson from Pixabay


Airlines in recent years have been investing in technology that makes the travel experience easier for the passenger. A lot of this is based on mobile technology which feeds data to an app. This is something we saw last year with United Airlines’ ConnectionSaver system.

This new Korean Air system doesn’t seem too revolutionary, especially with a reliable airline like Korean Air and a quality airport like Incheon, as these conditions almost guarantee that your bag will make it on your flight anyways. However, this may prove useful for very specific circumstances, such as an extremely tight transfer.

What do you think about Korean Air’s new baggage notification system? Would it be useful to you at all? Let us know in the comments!