La Compagnie Will Start Flying Their Airbus A321LR In June 2019

La Compagnie, the boutique business airline, is set to begin operating its A321LR in June. The airline, which offers business class transatlantic travel, ordered two A321s back in 2017. The aircraft will replace B757s currently being used by the airline.

La Compagnie offers a fairly unique service. While some would question the profitability of such a model, it seems to be working out for the airline. In fact, with the arrival of the more efficient A321s, La Compagnie should be able to further drive costs down.

la-compagnie-a321-business-class la compagnie a321 la compagnie seats la compagnie
The new La Compagnie A321neo.

Who Is La Compagnie?

La Compagnie is a boutique airline based out of France. The airline was founded in 2013, with the name translating to The Company in English. Its operations are focused on business clients with the aeroplane only offering business class seating. It is similar to British Airways’ business class service, BA001. In fact, it also only operates to New York.

In advertisements, La Compagnie states that they are 30-50% cheaper than competing business class products. The B757s used by the airline has 74 seats laid out in a 2-2 configuration. With a pitch of 62 inches, passengers don’t have to worry about legroom. The seats currently in use are no lie flat, instead achieving a 175-degree angle.

La Compagnie
The A321 is showing in La Compagnie’s schedule from June 6th. Source: La Compagnie

A321 June Launch

Previous information from La Compagnie had indicated the A321LR aircraft ordered would be in service by April, however, this timeline appears to have shifted. The latest data from Routes Online and La Compagnie appears to indicate that the first A321neo will enter service on June 6th. One of the daily flights will be operated by the A321 as follows:

  • Flight B0100 will depart Paris Orly at 1030 local time. It will then arrive at New York’s Newark airport at 1300 local time. The flight travels a total of 3,649 mi as the crow flies.
  • Flight B0101 will depart New York’s Newark airport at 1900 local time. It is then due to land in Paris at 0840 the next day after a night flight.
la-compagnie-a321-business-class la compagnie a321 la compagnie seats la compagnie
La Compagnie’s new business class.

Onboard the A321Neo

The A321 will carry two more passengers between Paris and New York with a total of 76 seats, still in a 2-2 configuration. At the moment each passenger is given a tablet to be used as in-flight entertainment. The A321 will solve this problem as each seat will have an embedded display. Finally, the new seating on the A321 will be lie-flat, something that is increasingly important to transatlantic business travellers.

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