All Business Carrier La Compagnie Eyes Las Vegas Flights With A Stop In Iceland

French boutique airline La Compagnie is set to offer flights to Las Vegas. The flights have appeared within its 2020 timetable.

La Compagnie is now flying to Las Vegas. Photo: La Compagnie

Why is La Compagnie offering Las Vegas flights?

The French carrier, which operates business class-only flights, has been reported to be selling flights to and from Las Vegas in January 2020.

The news was first discovered by One Mile At A Time, who suspects that the flights coincide with a popular festival in the region. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 will be held in Las Vegas in early January. It is due to start on Tuesday 7th January and will end on Friday 10th January. This is exactly when La Compagnie is offering its Las Vegas flights.

Flights will be scheduled on the airline’s A321neo Business class-only service. Photo: La Compagnie

The route details

The flights will operate exclusively from La Compagnie’s base in Paris Orly Airport. Booking through its website, passengers have a choice of just two days to fly to Las Vegas from Paris; Sunday 5th January or Monday 6th January. Passengers can then return to Paris Orly on Friday 10th January or Saturday 11th January. There are no other scheduled flights for this service for the rest of 2020.

The flight times are as follows:

  • Paris (ORY) to Las Vegas (LAS)
    • Sunday 5th January departing at 8:30 am, arriving at 1:10 pm
    • Monday 6th January departing at 3 pm, arriving at 7:40 pm
  • Las Vegas (LAS) to Paris (ORY)
    • Friday 10th January departing at 2:50 pm, arriving at 1:30 pm (+ 1 day)
    • Saturday 11th January departing at 6:20 pm, arriving at 4:20 pm (+1 day)

At the time of writing, the 13 hour 40 minute trip from Paris to Las Vegas will set passengers back some €1,479 (around $1,651). And the flight also makes a one hour stop in Iceland. La Compagnie will use Keflavík Airport to refuel, but passengers and luggage will remain onboard.

Whilst both outgoing services will stop in Iceland, only one will on the way back. The inbound flight from Las Vegas to Paris Orly on Friday 10th January will stop at Newark Liberty International Airport to refuel.

A misleading schedule?

One Mile At A Time also reported that flights on Friday 10th January are available to book without having started in Las Vegas. Passengers can join the flight in Newark Liberty International Airport. What’s interesting about this is that the A321neo will be servicing all three of these routes. The airline talks highly about its latest fleet addition, saying:

“Since June 2019, La Compagnie is operating one brand new Airbus A321neo for ever more comfort, innovation and fuel efficiency. “

La Compagnie now has two A321neos. But its timetable promises three A321neo services. Could this be a scheduling error? Or is it a tell-tale sign of fleet expansion?

Flights will be scheduled on the airline’s A321neo. Photo: La Compagnie

When we contacted them, La Compagnie was unavailable for comment and it hasn’t yet released a statement about the flights. That’s strange since passengers might not even be aware that the flights exist. And what kind of uptake is there for flights to CES anyway?

Flights for French tech-lovers

Well, according to Forbes, French start-ups were the most numerous at CES 2019. There were 315 of them last year, compared to 293 attendees from the US.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been hosted for over 52 years. Photo: Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons

This might be a little niche that La Compagnie is keeping to itself with the confidence that French passengers will indeed be seeking tickets to get them to the show. After all, it’s website does say:

“La Compagnie is for those eager to discover an innovative experience.”

Perhaps this is an inflight and post-flight promise.

What do you make of La Compagnie’s services to Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments.

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