Passenger Injured As Ceiling Falls Down Onboard LATAM Airbus A350

A passenger was reportedly injured in Frankfurt as an overhead bin fell from the ceiling. The incident is said to have taken place on a LATAM Airbus A350 flying to Frankfurt from Sao Paulo late last week.

LATAM, Frankfurt, Ceiling Collapse
A ceiling panel fell on a LATAM A350 during landing in Frankfurt on Saturday. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia

Passengers onboard LATAM flight LA8070 on Friday the 13th of December would’ve been in for a shock when landing in Frankfurt. Photos widely shared on social media show that an overhead panel fell from the ceiling as the aircraft touched down at its destination. Reports suggest that at least one passenger sustained injuries during the occurrence. Thankfully, it appears as though passengers avoided serious injuries.

Flight LA8070

According to the incident took place onboard flight LA8070 on Friday the 13th of December. The aircraft had departed from Sao Paulo and was landing in Frankfurt on Saturday 14th of December when the incident unfurled.

According to data from, the aircraft operating the flight was an Airbus A350 registered as PR-XTE. According to, the aircraft is 3.3 years old, having taken its first flight on the 6th of September 2016. Qatar Airways leased the Airbus A350 from LATAM for around half a year back in 2017.

LATAM, Frankfurt, Ceiling Collapse
The flight path from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt. Photo:

The aircraft departed from Sao Paulo at 22:57, just 17 minutes behind its scheduled departure time of 22:40. However, the aircraft made up for the delay and then some with a flight time of 11-hours and 7-minutes. The aircraft touched back down in Frankfurt at 14:03 local time. Its scheduled time of arrival was 14:30.

Minor injuries

According to photos of the incident, it was simply a piece of plastic padding which fell from the ceiling. It seems as though the incident took place towards the rear of the cabin where an overhead bin was not present. Had an overhead bin fallen, the increased weight could have potentially caused much worse injuries.

It seems that the damage to the aircraft was fairly minor, as it operated its next flight the following day without any delays. Translated from Portuguese, A LATAM spokesperson told that the incident was not representative of the company’s aircraft stating:

“LATAM Airlines Brasil reports that the flight LA8070 (Sao Paulo / Guarulhos-Frankfurt) from Friday (13) landed at its destination at 10:02 am on Saturday (14). Shortly after landing, a trim panel on the aircraft’s inner lining came off. 

Fortunately, the passengers on board are doing well and have been landed normally and safely. LATAM regrets this and stresses that it provided all necessary assistance to passengers. 

The aircraft that performed the flight underwent corrective maintenance to operate the next scheduled flights. Finally, LATAM reiterates that this is a one-off incident and does not match the standard of the company’s aircraft.”

Simple Flying has contacted LATAM for a statement regarding this story.

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