LATAM Wants To Transfer Boeing 787s From Chile To Brazil

To substitute its rejected Airbus A350 fleet, LATAM Airlines Group is working on certifying its Brazilian crews to operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The carrier has begun the Brazilian certification process to use the Dreamliner fleet with LATAM Brazil. Let’s investigate further.

LATAM Wants To Transfer Boeing 787s From Chile To Brazil
LATAM wants to use its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet with Brazilian crews. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

What do we know?

LATAM is getting rid of its Airbus A350 fleet after only six years in the company. Despite being one of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft, the A350 became a thorn in LATAM’s side.

Somehow, LATAM’s A350s also became thorns in the sides of Delta Air Lines and Qatar Airways; but that’s another story.

Therefore, the airline decided to reject the leasing contracts, and simplify its long-haul fleet under one OEM, Boeing. LATAM has 28 Boeing 767-300 (including freighters), ten B777-300ER, and 25 B787 Dreamliners, according to ch-aviation.

Nevertheless, LATAM now has one major issue; it has heavily reduced the long-haul fleet for LATAM Brazil.

As reported by local media outlet Aeroin, without the A350, LATAM Brazil has a capacity gap in its long-haul fleet. On one side, it has the nine Boeing 767-300s with a capacity for 221 passengers; on the other, it has ten B777 for 410 passengers. There’s a 189 seat difference between both models.

LATAM has 25 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Photo: Vincenzo Pace/Simple Flying

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What’s LATAM doing to reduce this gap?

In the last few days, LATAM Airlines has launched a certification process with Brazil’s civil aviation authorities (ANAC). As LATAM Brazil captain and instructor, Celso Giannini Oliveira wrote,

“The certification process along ANAC of the B787 fleet into JJ-LATAM Brazil is motivation and a career opportunity for our crews. It is also an important step towards efficiency and sustainability. An important push for the Brazilian aeronautical industry.”

Giannini Oliveira also showed an image of several Brazilian pilots at a B787 simulator in Chile.

LATAM’s objective is to certify its Brazilian crews to operate the Dreamliner. We still don’t know when LATAM Brazil would start using the 787 nor on which routes. It is also uncertain how many Dreamliners would be available for the Brazilian branch. We contacted LATAM Brazil; we haven’t received a response so far, but we’ll update you if that changes.

Will LATAM change the 787 registrations?

All 25 of LATAM’s Boeing 787 units have Chilean registrations (they start with CC-). They will keep those registrations, despite being able to operate in Brazil with Brazilian crews.

According to Aeroin, this is possible due to an agreement between Brazil and Chile. This accord allows LATAM to operate aircraft with Chilean or Brazilian registration in either country, as long as they do it with local crews.

LATAM recently rejected the leasing contracts of its Airbus A350 fleet, therefore the need for the 787s. Photo: Simple Flying | Vincenzo Pace.

LATAM’s Boeing 787 fleet

LATAM has 15 Boeing 787-9 and ten 787-8. According to ch-aviation, the latter is 7.7 years old, while the first is 5.0. Currently, 21 Dreamliners are active for the carrier.

The Boeing 787-9 fleet has a capacity for 313 passengers in three classes. Economy can carry 232 travelers, while the premium economy can have up to 51 people and premium business up to 30.

Meanwhile, the Boeing 787-8 fleet can have up to 247 passengers in two classes, Economy (217 passengers) and Premium Business (30).

Have you traveled onboard LATAM’s Boeing 787 fleet? How was it? Let us know in the comments.