LATAM Has Transported Over 160 Million COVID Vaccines In Brazil

LATAM Airlines Brazil has carried over 160 million COVID vaccines in the domestic market in the last nine months. The Brazilian branch has helped distribute the vaccine throughout the country free of charge, helping the nation resume its commercial activity following months of travel restrictions.

LATAM Cargo fleet
LATAM has carried over 160 million COVID-19 vaccines in Brazil. Photo: LATAM

The Solidarity Plane

Through its Solidarity Plane program, LATAM has been pretty active throughout South America, transporting the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Solidarity Plane program has existed for the last nine years. It uses LATAM Airlines Group structure, connectivity, and passenger and cargo transport capacity to transport patients who need medical treatment, as well as health professionals, organs, tissues, and stem cells. The COVID-19 pandemic was the perfect opportunity to take this program to the next level.

Gislaine Rossetti, Corporate Affairs Director at LATAM, said in a statement,

“The Solidarity Plane program consists of putting our expertise – air transport – at the service of society to help meet, free of charge, the needs of health, care for the environment, and support in the event of natural disasters. Therefore, taking off to help fight this pandemic has always been the number one priority of all LATAM employees.”

Throughout Brazil, LATAM has carried 161,659,982 COVID-19 vaccines in 1,990 commercial flights. The carrier is responsible for distributing 60% of all the vaccines in the country. LATAM Cargo handled over six million doses from its hub at Sao Paulo International Airport in the last ten days alone.

LATAM Cargo operates the Solidarity Plane, carrying medical goods throughout South America. Photo: LATAM Cargo.

LATAM’s recovery in Brazil

For the third month in a row, LATAM has been Brazil’s top domestic player, according to a statement released by the company. LATAM currently holds 37.8% of the domestic market in terms of capacity (in September, its lead was 37.5%).

Diogo Elias, Sales and Marketing Director at LATAM Brazil, recently said,

“LATAM Brazil has been increasingly attentive to the wishes of its customers and is preparing to close this year close to 100% of the domestic network and offering refurbished seats. In some states, the recovery has reached higher levels compared to 2019, opening more flight options and new segments for Brazilians.” 

During October, LATAM had a capacity of 82%, compared to its pre-pandemic numbers. The carrier operated approximately 478 daily domestic flights and carried 2.25 million passengers, increasing from the two million handled the month before.

Additionally, LATAM started flying to Comandatuba, Juazeiro do Norte, and Petrolina. In December, the carrier will add flights to Jericoacoara and Vitória da Conquista. Then, during 2022’s first trimester, LATAM will add destinations in Juiz de Fora, Sinop, Cascavel, Caxias do Sul, Bauru, and Presidente Prudente. Moreover, it is studying to launch ten additional destinations next year.

LATAM Brazil is reducing the gap lost to Azul Linhas Aereas. Photo: Getty Images

Brazil’s domestic recovery

Brazil has had nearly 48 million domestic passengers in 2021, according to the country’s Civil Aviation Authorities (ANAC).

So far, Azul Linhas Aereas is still the largest domestic operator in the country, having carried 18.05 million passengers between January and October. It has a market share of 37.7% throughout the year.

Meanwhile, LATAM has had 14.87 million passengers, a 31%. Finally, GOL Linhas Aereas has carried 14.32 million passengers, a 29.9%. Brazil’s startup Itapemirim Transportes Aereos has had 157,062 passengers between launching operations in July and October.

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