LATAM Launches New Premium Economy Airbus A320 Cabin

LATAM has filled in a gap in its hard product by introducing premium economy for its Airbus A320 fleet. Passengers can now expect an elevated experience throughout LATAMs network across 145 destinations.

The new LATAM premium economy seat onboard its A320. Photo: LATAM

What are the details?

LATAM has a great business class product. It is a little old fashioned with its 2-2-2 configuration, but the seats are wide, the footwells are deep and the lie-flat sleep is blissful. Plus it can be had for very cheap thanks to some quirks in the LATAM scheduling and big upgrade process.

You can watch the full review here. 


However, no matter how good the long-haul business product is, the airline’s premium reputation suffers when you are forced to fly with them short-haul in normal economy. Until now.


LATAM has rolled out a premium economy concept that allows business passengers to have somewhat semblance of the same product as long-haul. Rolled out in their Airbus A320 family worldwide (A319, A320, A320neo, and A321), the concept resembles ‘European Business’ more so than anything else.

The cabin class offers premium services both at the airport and in-flight, including priority check-in and boarding, differentiated onboard service and a blocked-middle seat, providing greater space and privacy” – LATAM press release to Simple Flying

The new concept also features food and drink upgrades. Photo: LATAM

What does the new concept feature?

The new premium economy concept includes:

  • A blocked middle seat in the front rows of the A320. This means that instead of a normal 3-3 configuration, the premium economy will have 2-2 configuration. Essentially it will be the same economy seats in the first three rows of the aircraft separated by a curtain.
  • Passengers will also have their own priority check-in, boarding, and disembarkation.
  • Up to three pieces of baggage at 23kg each. That’s a combined 69 kg for one passenger which is pretty impressive.
  • A different soft product, such as food and drinks.
  • Business-class lounge access.

One criticism I’ll note is that it isn’t clear if the seat has more legroom. You might have more space side to side, but LATAM hasn’t reduced the overall number of passengers flying onboard. Looking at other sources online, some of the LATAM short-haul fleet offer 34 inches of legroom in premium economy over the 31 inches in normal economy.

Additionally, economy passengers will still have access to LATAM+ seats, which offer more legroom and bin space than normal seats (think exit row seats). If you really chasing legroom, then this might be the better deal

But, despite all that, it is good that LATAM now offers a streamless experience for premium passengers.

“Our goal is to continue being the first choice for customers in Latin America, and today we are launching Premium Economy, one of the most radical changes in terms of travel experience in LATAM’s history,” said Paulo Miranda, Chief Customer Officer, LATAM Airlines Group in the Press Release. “As part of our commitment to offering more options, flexibility and personalization to serve all journey types, the introduction of Premium Economy will provide the possibility to choose a superior service on all our flights.”

premium economy
The seat concept does look nice. Photo: LATAM

Where can I fly it?

The service will be fully rolled out to all short-haul A320 aircraft by March 2020, but for now, the following destinations have the new premium economy.

From Santiago (Chile) to:

  • São Paulo (GRU)
  • Lima (LIM)
  • Buenos Aires (EZE)

From Lima (Peru) to:

  • São Paulo (GRU)
  • Santiago (SCL)

From São Paulo (Brazil) to:

  • Lima (LIM)
  • Buenos Aires (EZE)
  • Santiago (SCL)

LATAM has been reached out to for comment, but as of publishing this article they have yet to reply

What do you think of the new premium economy? Will you be flying it?


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At least, LATAM calls seats in those class “Premium Economy”, whereas in Europe, the airlines call them “Business Class” and charge us much more. I think LATAM is more fair in its description and pricing. Business class in Europe is more Premium Economy than Business. I am surprised the European Union, which is supposed to be so strict about protecting consumer interests, that they would allow something like that.

In Asia, Business Class means Business Class,not glorified Economy or Premium Economy.

Richard Johnson

I will be when you can book thru Delta but I don’t see flights from Bogota in this article. Hopefully soon. Does anyone know when this will take place? Delta/LATAM codeshare.


So they only offer Premium economy in narrow bodies but not in their wide body fleet? Or is economy+ on a wide body the same as a premium economy on a narrow body?