Computer Issue Strands Laudamotion Airbus A320 In Fuerteventura

A Laudamotion Airbus A320 became stuck in Fuerteventura after a computer issue forced it to abort its takeoff. Following the aborted takeoff, the aircraft returned to the gate, whereupon passengers began to disembark from the aircraft.

Laudamotion, Airbus A320, Fuerteventura
A Laudamotion A320 was unable to depart from Fuerteventura on Saturday. Photo: Laudamotion

Passengers flying with Ryanair subsidiary Lauda from Fuerteventura to Vienna on Saturday we’re in for anything but a normal flight. They were due to fly to Vienna onboard an Airbus A320. However, a change of plans was needed when it wasn’t possible for the aircraft to lift off from the runway due to a computer issue.

What happened?

The flight in question was Laudamotion flight OE2169. Operated by an Airbus A320, it was due to depart from Fuerteventura at 17:15. Then after its flight to Austria, the Airbus A320 was due to touch down at 22:50. However, the flight was canceled before it was even airborne.

The Aviation Herald reports the canceled flight was attributed to a computer issue. The flight successfully made its way to the runway before its flight. However, things went downhill once the aircraft got onto the runway. It commenced its takeoff, only to return to a slow speed before leaving the runway. While it is thought that the computers showed a fault, it is unclear exactly what this was.

Ryanair, Best Seats, Worst Seats
The flight was eventually replaced by a Ryanair Boeing 737. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Return to the gate

Following its unsupported trip down the runway, the Laudamotion Airbus A320 returned to the gate in Fuerteventura. Passengers were initially kept onboard the aircraft in the hopes that the aircraft could be quickly fixed.

According to information from the AvHerald, passengers reported that maintenance professionals boarded the aircraft. They continued to play with systems until “some noise was heard from below the cabin, obviously the maintenance folks triggered something mechanical, and an odor developed on board.”

Laudamotion, Airbus A320, Fuerteventura
The affected aircraft is still on the ground in Fuerteventura. Photo: Laudamotion

Obviously the attempt to fix the problem had been unsuccessful. When this was realized by the flight crew present on the flight, passengers were instructed to depart from the aircraft due to take them home. The Aviation Herald reports that a Ryanair Boeing 737 was substituted to fly the return leg the next day. The flight eventually reached Vienna 26 and a half hours after it was initially due to.

The Av Herald further reports: “The airline reported the board computers showed a fault message at low speed prompting the crew to reject takeoff as a precaution. The issue could not immediately be solved on site, the passengers, therefore, were rebooked onto a replacement flight the following day and taken to hotels in Fuerteventura while waiting for the replacement flight. The issue was diagnosed as an indication problem of the board computer, technicians are still working the solve the issue.”

Simple Flying contacted representatives of Ryanair, but are yet to hear back.

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