Laudamotion To Base 4 More Aircraft In Vienna

Austrian airline Laudamotion has announced plans to increase its Vienna-based fleet from 12 to 16 aircraft. The numbers will be made up of Boeing 737-800 models, to complement the current fleet of Airbus A320s. This move is part of Laudamotion’s new 2020 Summer scheduling, where an additional 17 new routes will be launched from Vienna.

Laudamotion To Base 4 More Aircraft In Vienna
Austrian airline, Laudamotion, will be increasing its Vienna-based fleet for its 2020 Summer schedule. Photo: Marvin Mutz via Flickr

The four 737s will facilitate an increase in flights to and from the Austrian capital. Simple Flying takes a look at the details of the fleet increase, as well as what the Boeing 737-800 will mean for the airline’s strategic future planning.

Laudamotion’s fleet details

Laudamotion currently operates 12 aircraft from its base at Vienna International Airport. The fleet is made up of Airbus A320 aircraft, servicing a total of 50 routes to and from Austria’s federal capital.

Lauda’s A320s are divided into two classes, with each aircraft able to accommodate up to 174 passengers. The carrier also operates an additional 10 A320s from its bases outside of Austria. The majority of these are based in Germany, with four aircraft stationed at Palma de Mallorca.

The total active fleet size of the airline currently stands at 21 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Summer 2020

With an additional 17 routes being planned for the summer of 2020 – including new routes to Milan, Malta, Bristol, and Helsinki – the airline has decided to increase its Austrian-based fleet. These new routes will be active from March 2020.

Laudamotion To Base 4 More Aircraft In Vienna
Laudamotion will increase its Viena-base fleet with four Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Photo: Nikos Koutoulas via Flickr

To accommodate the extra load, Laudamotion will be increasing its Vienna-based fleet to 16 aircraft, complementing its existing A320s with four Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The 737-800 is able to accommodate 162 passengers in a two-class layout or up to 189 passengers in a one-class layout.

Laudamotion’s sister company, Ryanair, is the world’s largest user of the Boeing aircraft, sporting an active fleet of 418 Boeing 737-800s.

The airline has been contacted to comment on a potential date for the entry into service of the Boeing aircraft, as well as the layout of the cabin.

In addition to acquiring the 737s, Laudamotion will be looking to increase its Airbus fleet from 21 to over 32 aircraft. As part of its expansion plan, the airline will be increasing its presence in Spain from four to ten aircraft.

What this means for Laudamotion

Laudamotion expects to announce another financial loss for 2020 in its second year of operations. Simple Flying reported earlier this year, that the airline carrier expects to see profits for its 2021 fiscal year as plans to reach an efficient network and fleet size are put into place.

It would seem that its 2020 Summer schedule, as well as its planned fleet increases, will be part of its strategy to become more efficient and, eventually, profitable.

Laudamotion’s 2020 summer plans have set the platform from which it will achieve financial take-off in 2021 – as planned. Photo: LV Aircraft Photography via Flickr

It appears that its strategy, as outlined in 2018, is coming to fruition. After Ryanair’s successful purchase of 75% of Laudamotion, the low-cost Austrian airline is set to reach its target of becoming profitable in only its third year of operations.