LEVEL Halts Bookings On Two Paris – US Routes

Reports by Routesonline today suggest that LEVEL has stopped reservations for two transatlantic routes from Paris Orly to the US. The reasons for the reservation cancellation is, as yet, unclear.

It looks like LEVEL may be closing two of its routes before they’ve even entered service. Photo: Daniel Luis Gómez Adenis

Earlier today, Routesonline reported on an interesting alteration to LEVEL’s online bookings. It appears that reservations for two routes out of LEVEL’s Paris Orly base have been closed. It’s not obvious whether this is just a temporary change to the booking site or that tickets will be permanently unavailable from now on.

The two routes in question are Paris Orly to Boston and Paris Orly to Las Vegas. Before today’s ticket booking alteration was highlighted, both routes out of Paris Orly were due to start within the next couple of months, in time the summer season.

The Paris Orly to Las Vegas route was due to commence two-times-weekly flights on 1 March, while the Paris Orly to Boston route was due to start three-times-weekly flights on 31 March. Ticket reservations for both routes were previously open, so LEVEL may well have already sold a number of tickets.

What does this mean?

Simple Flying has reached out to LEVEL for comment on the revelations relating to these two US-bound routes out of Paris Orly. So far the airline hasn’t been able to respond to our requests, but we will update this article once we have more information.

Without confirmation of the reasons behind the closing of ticket reservations on these routes, it is hard to say exactly why this move has been made. It may well be that this is a temporary halt to ticket sales, as opposed to an outright closure.

LEVEL, OE-LCR, Airbus A321-211
LEVEL was established back in 2017. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Excluding the possibility that this is just a technical malfunction on the airline’s website, there are a couple of potential reasons LEVEL may have decided to stop ticket sales. The first is that demand for the routes has been much lower than expected, meaning that the airline has decided to cut its losses and only honour tickets which have already been purchased.

The second is that a significant alteration to the flight schedules on these routes is being made. As a result, it would make sense for LEVEL to temporarily halt sales of these tickets until the new flight schedules have been confirmed.

More about LEVEL

LEVEL is International Airlines Group’s low-cost brand which was set up two and a half years ago. The airline flies to a number of short-haul destinations around Europe, as well as long-haul destinations further afield.

LEVEL Airlines Airbus A330 (EC-NEN) Taxiing to its gate at San Francisco International Airport
Ticket reservations for flights to Boston and Las Vegas are no longer available. Photo: Jacob Aviation via Wikimedia Commons

The airline currently operates five routes to destinations in the US, including Boston and Las Vegas. In the two-and-a-half years the airline has been flying it has already cancelled two US routes, one to Los Angeles and one to Oakland.

Today’s revelations may well be a sign of that the airline is getting ready to axe another couple of US destinations from its books. LEVEL’s Paris Orly to Boston route was only announced back in October, and it was already clear that the airline would face stiff competition from Delta.