Amsterdam Becomes Second Short Haul Level Base

IAG’s low-cost Ryanair rival, Level, is set to open its second short haul base next month. The new base in Amsterdam, when open, will complement the one they currently have in Vienna.

Level is IAG’s low-cost airline. Offering transatlantic flights from Paris Orly and Barcelona, the airline went on to establish a short haul base, with the first Level base was set up in Vienna in 2018. The airline aims to allow IAG to compete with low-cost carriers such as Norwegian and EasyJet.

Level was founded in 2017. Photo: Level

An IAG airline

IAG, the International Airlines Group, is headed up by Willie Walsh and possesses some high profile airlines, including:

  • Aer Lingus;
  • British Airways;
  • Iberia;
  • Level;
  • and Vueling.

For a long time it was known that IAG wanted to break into the low cost market. Indeed, the company bought shares in Norwegian in order to open conversations about a takeover. However, after it was made clear that IAG would not be buying Norwegian, the group went on to sell its shares in the airline. Now, when it comes to low-cost, the group is focusing on Level in its bid to remain competitive.

Level is owned by IAG, an airline group in Europe. Photo: Level

So, who is Level?

Level’s story began back in 2017. The airline was founded on 15th March that year, before going on to start operations on 1st June. Originally, Level was launched as a long haul airline, focussing on carrying people from Paris and Barcelona to the Americas.

Flying under the slogan “It’s your world” the airline went on to found its first short-haul base in Vienna. This sees the Level network hooked up with a number of different cities. Interestingly, the United Kingdom features incredibly rarely in Level’s network. This is due to high rates of air passenger duty.

The airline’s second short-haul base will open in Amsterdam in 2019. Photo: Leveln

Amsterdam hub

Next month, Level will begin operating flights from its second short-haul base. These will commence on April 6th, with more routes launching the next day. Upon opening, flights will initially operate to Rome and Vienna before spreading to London. Eventually routes will be added to Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, and Fuerteventura.

Tickets for flights from Level’s new base in Amsterdam are on sale right now. Fares to London start at just €19.99 for a one-way trip with the airline.

Krassimir Tanev, Level’s Managing Director told press: “Amsterdam is one of the most important markets in Europe and is the perfect choice for Level’s shorthaul expansion.”

He went on to add: “This will strengthen Level’s presence in Europe building upon the success of our operation in Vienna launched last year. We will serve the Dutch market with low-cost flights to highly popular destinations for both leisure and business travellers.”

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