UK’s Liverpool Airport Got 842 Noise Complaints From A Single Person In A Day


Aircraft noise complaints can be a touchy subject. Nobody likes to be unnecessarily disturbed, but flights need to land somewhere. One Liverpool man, however, has taken the biscuit by making 16,407 noise complaints in the space of just nine months!

Airport Noise
Airport noise complaints are typically prompted by aircraft taking off. Photo via Pixabay

Noise is a problem for airports across the world, however, thanks to advances in engine technology, aircraft are becoming much quieter. Manufacturers are having to adapt to ever tighter noise regulations. Indeed, this is a particular selling point of the Airbus neo family. Additionally, airports are limiting movements in order to keep noise to a minimum.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is located, unsurprisingly, on the outskirts of Liverpool. The airport has a single runway built in an east-west layout with the numbers 09-27. According to CAA statistics, the airport was the 12th busiest in the UK during the 2017-2018 measuring period by both passenger and aircraft movements. Indeed, the airport saw a total of 59,320 movements during that year.

The airport does, however, have a problem with noise complaints, having received 5,507 noise complaints in the first three months of 2019. However, all is not as it seems according to the BBC. They report that 5,501 of these were made by one individual. Breaking that down gives an average of 61 noise complaints per day.

Liverpool Airport Noise
Liverpool John Lennon Airport as seen from the air. Source: Google Maps

This worried individual has submitted so many noise complaints to Liverpool Airport that they have now received their own classification. Indeed, on one day (October 6th 2018) the gentleman issued a total of 842 noise complaints. This is particularly interesting as it shows that the man would need to issue a noise complaint once every 1.7 minutes, between 00:00 and 23:59, with no breaks at all.

How is this possible?

It is possible that our mystery claimant has been using a button in order to get his voice heard. A company called Air Noise is repurposing Amazon instant order buttons. These buttons, when pressed, will now automatically send a noise report to the relevant airport. It’s certainly a possibility that somebody got trigger happy with a similar button, given Liverpool Airport doesn’t have close to 842 aircraft movements a day.

Airport noise Complaints
In the first three months of 2019, Liverpool Airport received 5,507 noise complaints, 5,501 from one individual. Photo via Pixabay

Air Noise currently only covers the United States, however, other software exists across the globe. In 2015 The Telegraph reported that Heathrow Airport was getting noise complaints that were automatic. Indeed, the problem was spotted when the people protesting the noise forgot to change the software’s time when the clocks changed.

According to the aforementioned BBC report, the man in question is refusing to meet with airport bosses to discuss his concern.

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