Loganair Steps Up To Replace Routes Abandoned By Flybe Failure


Scottish airline Loganair has announced this afternoon that it will take steps to safeguard the UK’s regional connectivity by launching services on abandoned Flybe routes. Overall, it will launch almost 400 new flights per week, replacing 16 of the lost services Flybe used to operate.

LOganair embraer
Loganair has stepped up to replace some of Flybe’s lost services. Photo: Loganair

Loganair to expand by 400 flights per week

Scottish regional airline Loganair has revealed plans to maintain the UK’s regional connectivity by launching replacement services on a number of ex-Flybe routes. The airline will take up 16 routes formerly operated by the Exeter based carrier, adding almost 400 new flights per week.

The 16 new routes, it says, will be launched over the next four months in a progressive manner. They focus on existing Loganair hubs at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Newcastle, with a view to providing much needed regional connectivity in the wake of Flybe’s demise.

Chief Executive Jonathan Hinkles commented on the expansion, saying,

“The collapse of a long-standing airline like Flybe marks a desperately sad day, especially for the airline’s dedicated team of employees and for customers facing disruption to their journeys.   By stepping in quickly with a comprehensive plan, Loganair is aiming to maintain essential air connectivity within the UK regions to keep customers flying, and to offer new employment to former Flybe staff members who are facing an uncertain future today.”

Jonathan Hinkles Loganair
Jonathan Hinkles, CEO of Loganair, says it’s a “desperately sad day”. Photo: Loganair

Details of the new routes

Loganair’s new routes will begin launching in just a couple of weeks, with the first new services set to commence on the 16th March. The routes are:

Route between Flights commence Lead in fare


Outline of Loganair service
Aberdeen & Belfast City 16 March £ 49.99 Daily ERJ service
Aberdeen & Birmingham 16 March £ 57.99 Up to 3 x daily ERJ service
Aberdeen & Jersey 09 May £ 79.99 Saturday ATR72 service
Aberdeen & Manchester 16 March £ 57.99 4 x daily ERJ service

More seats with 4x daily ATR72 service from 1 September

Edinburgh & Cardiff 23 March £ 49.99 Daily ERJ service


More flights with 10 x weekly ERJ from 1 September

Edinburgh & Exeter 23 March £ 54.99 Daily ERJ service (excl Wed)

More seats with daily ATR72 service from 6 July

Edinburgh & Manchester 23 March £ 49.99 Up to 4 x daily ERJ service
Edinburgh & Newquay 20 June £ 69.99 2 x weekly AT7 service
Edinburgh & Southampton 15 June £ 54.99 Up to 4 x daily AT7 service
Glasgow & Exeter 30 March £ 54.99 Daily ERJ service

More seats with daily ATR72 service from 6 July

Glasgow & Southampton 30 March £ 54.99 3 x daily ERJ service

More flights & seats with 4 x daily ATR72 service from 6 July

Inverness & Belfast City 23 March £ 49.99 Daily Saab 340 service
Inverness & Birmingham 16 March £ 54.99 4 x weekly ERJ service

More flights with daily ERJ service from 23 March

Inverness & Jersey 30 May £ 79.99 Saturday ATR72 service
Newcastle & Exeter 6 July £ 54.99 Daily ERJ service
Newcastle & Southampton 23 March £ 54.99 3 x daily ERJ service


Loganair says that the routes are already open for booking on its website, and that the publish fares include a free checked bag, allocated seating and refreshments during the flight. Children can obtain discounted fares and are allocated their own baggage allowance too.

Loganair is also recruiting Flybe staff to operate the new routes. Photo: Loganair

Opportunities for Flybe staff

Loganair is clearly going to need additional pilots, cabin crew and engineers for these extra flights, and as such it has opened a special recruitment line for former Flybe employees looking for new opportunities. In fact, Loganair says it will be prioritizing applications from former Flybe employees for the roles.

The airline estimates that more than 100 new positions will be created as a result of this expansion. Most will be based at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Newcastle in order to support the expansion, although a small number of head office support roles are also being created.

Former Flybe employees are requested to send a covering letter and CV to flyberecruitment@loganair.co.uk.

What do you make of Loganair’s expansion? Is your favorite route being replaced? Let us know in the comments.