London City Is Getting A New Terminal And It’s Stunning

London City Airport has been under renovation for some time but they have just revealed to the public photos of what the new terminal will look like!

This airport is famously known as the leaping off point for British Airways flight BA1, to New York.

Why is London City Airport building a new terminal?

You might think that London has enough airports and that any improvements should be made to the big ones like Heathrow or the recently reopened Gatwick. But London City Airport offers an invaluable service, ferrying business passengers (and those who want to fly as close as possible to London) in and out of the downtown of London.

London City
Aerial view of London City Airport (terminal located on the lower right).

Thus the airport authority has decided to spend around £500 million ($632 million USD) to renovate and expand the facility.

The current terminal covers 17,000 square meters of internal space.  Following completion of the construction, it will expand to 68,000 square meters. It has been reported that despite all of this space, there will not be any dedicated lounges for airlines (yet).

When the new terminal is finished in 2022, it will have enough capacity for two million extra passengers a year (On top of its current 5 million). This is around 30,000 more flights. The renovations not only include a new terminal building but eight new airplane gates and a new taxiway.

What does the new terminal look like?

The airport has been redesigned to reflect a modern, 21st century London.

London city
The exterior of the new terminal building.

“The 21st century London theme will be reinforced by light features, art installations, graphic wall panels and furniture from the city’s abundant talent, with large format digital screens providing spaces for storytelling.” – Chief executive Robert Sinclair

London city
The main entrance to the airport.

Some people have raised issues with this new plan, as London City operates on a curfew and might be a challenge to add extra flights. Additionally, some are worried about the increase of noise pollution.

London city
The rising escalators that carry passengers up to the departure area.
London City Is Getting A New Terminal And It’s Stunning
The check-in desk area of London City Airport

Part of the current convenience of London City Airport is just how easy it is to arrive from the local public transport, check-in, security, and board. Sometimes it takes less than 20 minutes (small terminal, small distance to travel). With a bigger and more crowded terminal, passengers will have to spend more time in stasis trying to board. If these passengers are business travelers who value not wasting time, then perhaps London City Airport might be losing its competitive edge.

London City
The departure lounge for passengers heading off.

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