London City Airport To Be Operational By The End Of June

London City Airport today announced that it intends to reopen by the end of the month. The small central London airport has been closed since March 25th due to a massive drop in demand.

London City Airport, Resume Flights, June
London City Airport is due to resume flights by the end of the month. Photo: London City

We’ve seen many airlines suspend services due to the current aviation crisis. However, far fewer airports have closed their doors. Indeed, many airports have remained open despite receiving as few as one passenger flight per day. London City Airport was not one of these airports. As such, its runway has remained closed for just over two months.

June reopening

Today London’s Thameside airport announced intentions to reopen to flights. As mentioned, the airport has seen no passenger flights since it closed on March 25th. London City’s primary demographic is business passengers.

However, given the threat of COVID-19, and the implementation of travel bans and two-week quarantines, face to face meetings came to a halt. Instead, e-meetings have recently been favored, negating the need to travel.

London City Airport, Resume Flights, June
The airport has been closed since March 25th. Photo: London City

Which airline will return to London City first?

At the moment, London City has just announced that it is reopening but said that it would be up to individual airlines to announce if and when they are resuming services. However, we can speculate which airlines may come first.

The airport stated,

“It is expected that domestic services to key UK cities and regions will begin first. International flights are expected to follow in early July.”

One obvious candidate for returning to London City would be Loganair. The airline operates a flight between London and The Isle of Man for BA CityFlyer. This flight used to run from London City. However, it moved to Heathrow temporarily when the airport closed, according to Business Traveller.

London City Airport, Resume Flights, June
Domestic flights will return first. Photo: London City

What about British Airways?

The only other airline operating domestic flights is BA CityFlyer itself. It makes sense for the airline to resume some London City flights. After all, it is unlikely that the airport would be reopening if airlines weren’t going to return.

Additionally, if the United Kingdom looks to relax its lockdown further, domestic flights would make sense as they would not be subject to the UK’s 2-week quarantine from next week.

Potentially, Aer Lingus could also be included with Dublin being in the Common Travel Area. The airport stated that the timing of international flights couldn’t be confirmed due to the quarantine restrictions.

London City Airport, Resume Flights, June
The resumption of international flights could depend on the UK’s quarantine restrictions. Photo: London City

New COVID-19 rules

Of course, like many airports, the reopening of London City will come with some new rules attached. The airport is asking passengers to observe social distancing. The airport plans to use technology to break up areas with a high density of passengers. All passengers will have their temperature taken on arrival and departure from the airport.

Commenting on the reopening, Robert Sinclair, the airport’s CEO, said:

“When our doors re-open again shortly, our ambition is to provide the best airport experience in the UK to our passengers by ensuring we follow industry guidance to the letter and by maintaining our reputation as the quickest London airport to get to and through.”

Are you excited about the reopening of London City Airport? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!