London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month

London Heathrow has 59% more flights than last month and three times as many as June 2020. Of course, this says nothing of bookings or fares, and it was before Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list today, June 3rd. This month, multiple airlines have added additional services, while Norway’s Widerøe starts Heathrow as Royal Air Maroc returns.

London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month
British Airways has more than doubled the number of planned Heathrow flights this month versus last month. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

This month-on-month growth doesn’t mean Heathrow is out of the woods. Far from it. Indeed, a huge amount of ground must still be made up, with the airport’s flights this month down by 27,000 versus June 2019, a drop of 67%. This won’t be helped by changes to the UK’s green list, with no additional countries making it onto the list.

Multiple airlines have added flights

A good number of airlines have added 59%+ more flights this month than last, including – in alphabetical order – Aegean, Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, LOT Polish, Middle East Airlines, SWISS, and TAP Air Portugal.

Romania’s Blue Air stands out. Having served Luton for years, it shifted some services to Heathrow earlier in 2021. Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Iasi are now all served from Heathrow, with one-way fares on its core Bucharest service from just £14.

London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month
Romania’s Blue Air has 180 round-trip flights from Romania to Heathrow this month. Image: Google Flights.

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British Airways is up greatly

As you would expect, BA has added the majority of flights, with the carrier more than doubling its offering over last month. This is the result of:

  1. 131 destinations scheduled, an increase of 47. For example, the likes of Bari, Basel, Brussels, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Krakow, Luxembourg, Paris CDG, and Prague are bookable, even if most are only from June 28th. This is despite changes to entry requirements for UK citizens in France, Germany, and elsewhere
  2. Growth to certain destinations that were served last month, obviously primarily to places on the UK’s green or amber list. This is despite countries on the amber list technically being off-limits to leisure travel for the time being

BA’s flights to Portugal have nearly doubled

At the time this article was written, Portugal was the main country for Britons to travel on holiday. As such, it has done especially well, as BA and others scrambled to add capacity to benefit from the pent-up demand. How things change. This afternoon, on June 3rd, Portugal was removed from the UK’s green list.

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While BA is now extremely likely to cut flights, at the time of writing it had increased round-trip flights to Portugal from 104 in May to 182 this month, with Faro, Funchal, Lisbon, and Porto all served. In the week starting June 21st, BA was due to have 21 weekly departures from Heathrow to Faro, up from just eight in the same week in 2019.

Funchal, on Maderia, was added from Heathrow in summer 2020, having previously operated from Gatwick. Some 11 departures are currently bookable, four more than it used to have from Gatwick.

London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month
The A321neo is BA’s aircraft of choice from Heathrow to Portugal this month. Photo: Getty Images.

Widerøe begins this month

Heathrow gets a new airline this month: Norway’s Widerøe. The regional carrier will begin Bergen on June 18th on a twice-weekly basis (Fridays and Sundays) using 114-seat Embraer 190 E2s, before rising to eight-weekly from mid-August. It had originally planned a six-weekly operation from May.

London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month
Widerøe will begin Bergen-Heathrow on June 18th. Photo: Alan Wilson via Wikimedia.

Royal Air Maroc to restart

The increase in flights is also helped by some airlines restarting, including Royal Air Maroc (RAM). This carrier will operate seven-weekly using from June 11th using B737-800s, with the timings as follows:

  • AT800 Casablanca-Heathrow: 13:30-16:50
  • AT801 Heathrow-Casablanca: 18:10-21:35
London Heathrow Growing: Flights Up 59% Month On Month
RAM resumes Casablanca-Heathrow this month. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying.

RAM is massively about connections over its Casablanca hub, with its Heathrow route inevitably revolving around those transiting to Nigeria, Ghana, Sierre Leone, and across Morocco.

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