London Stansted Fast Track Security – Is It Worth It?

Almost every airport these days offers a fast track security option. Fast track security essentially allows passengers to access a shorter line, therefore not having to wait as long. However, Is it worth the cost of the service at Stansted Airport? Simple Flying decided to find out!

London Stansted Airport, Fast Track, Security
Stansted is London’s low-cost gateway. Photo: London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is London’s primary low-cost airport. The Essex hub is home to the low-cost carrier Ryanair’s biggest base. However, in addition, it also welcomes Emirates’ Boeing 777. Indeed, Air India is also due to launch a route to the airport from Amritsar. While some, such as Emirates’ first-class passengers, are eligible to use the Fast Track lane, others are able to purchase access to the facility.

The cost

Stansted Airport offers two different options when purchasing Fast Track security. There is the standard offering which only allows passengers access to the Fast Track queue. This is the same product sold by Ryanair and offered by other airlines. This option costs £7.

However, Stansted Airport also offers an upgraded offering. Fast Track Plus. For an extra £3, passengers are offered a dedicated route through the departures lounge. The one thing that I really personally dislike about Stansted Airport is the departures lounge. Laid out in a big curve, it forces passengers to walk past every shop and restaurant. Fast Track Plus alleviates this issue.

London Stansted Airport, Fast Track, Security
Stansted offers two different Fast Track packages for departing passengers. Photo: London Stansted Airport

The Fast Track Plus experience

Recently, I was traveling through Stansted flying to Cologne with Malta Air. Given the opportunity, I knew I needed to try out the Fast Track Plus offering. Once I had checked my baggage, I proceeded to follow signs to the Fast Track security queue.

Here my travel documents were checked, in addition to my Fast Track booking confirmation. I proceeded to the very far right of the security zone, where the Fast Track security clearance zone is located. I then cleared the security procedures.

After leaving the screening area, I proceeded to look for the Fast Track Plus corridor, which I admittedly almost missed. With WHSmith on your left before World Duty Free, you need to turn, as the corridor is on the left. I followed the signs down the corridor where I was met by large double doors. Scanning my booking confirmation allowed these to open.

London Stansted Airport, Fast Track, Security
It’s easy to miss the Fast Track Plus corridor. Photo: London Stansted Airport

But was it worth it?

The simple answer is both yes and no. In terms of the fast track security, I didn’t feel it offered any bonus. A week earlier I had taken the exact same flight, and it took me the same amount of time to clear security both with and without Fast Track.

However, Fast Track Plus was where the offering really came into its own. I was so relieved that I didn’t need to walk past shops I had no intention of visiting. However, Stansted Airport doesn’t allow you to buy plus access without Fast Track security.

As such, in my personal experience, while Fast Track security did not seem worth the cost, being able to skip duty-free was worth it for the £3 extra. If you’re booking Fast Track anyway, the Fast Track Plus is definitely worth the extra. However, it doesn’t seem worth the cost if you have no intention of buying Fast Track otherwise.

Have you used Stansted Airport’s Fast Track and Fast Track Plus services? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!