Garuda Indonesia Launches London to Bali Direct Flights

In an exciting follow up to our last rumor article, will there ever be London to Bali direct flights, it seems that Garuda took note and is now launching… London to Bali direct flights!

However… there is something rather bizarre going on… there appear to be no return flights from Bali.

The new direct route will link the cosmopolitan capital to the mystical island of Bali, previously reached by a multitude of different transfers and airport hubs.


Talk about life imitating art!


What are the details of London to Bali?

Starting from January 22nd, 2019 (yes that soon), Garuda Indonesia will be operating a non-stop direct one-way route from London Heathrow to Bali. The route will operate three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays).

The route will be flown from 10 PM to 9 AM London to Bali (Overnight) and will take around 15 hours and 20 minutes.

Bali to London
The route will span most of the world, 8,168 miles. This places it as a contender for the list of super long flights.

You might be wondering how Garuda managed to get Heathrow slots so quickly. Well, this new route comes at a cost of the London Heathrow to Jakarta route.

It’s a little strange that they are canceling the route to the Indonesian capital and replacing it with a link to a popular tourist destination, but perhaps this gamble will really pay off in a big way.

The route will be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER, with only two classes on board. This means that passengers will either be flying in Economy or Business Class.

Garuda Indonesia business class on the 777-300ER

But wait, how do we get home?

This is where the story takes a very strange twist. As we mentioned before, this flight is only one way and does not include Bali to London flights.

Being trapped in Bali doesn’t seem too bad.

So how do the passengers get home?

It seems Garuda will be operating a direct return service from Jakarta back to London. The flight leaves at mid-day local time (from Jakarta) or just past 9 am Bali time and arrives back in London at 8 pm. To ferry passengers between the two locations, Bali and Jakarta, any round trip includes a ferry flight on a Boeing 737.

The route information when booking a return fare. Notice the layover in Jakarta. Source: One Mile At A Time.

The flight is super quick to hop between the two islands, however, it seems strange to include an extra step. One has to wonder why they don’t just use the same 777-300ER that took the passengers there. I mean, what happens to the 777-300ER? Does it just teleport? Why fly it empty, or if it’s being used by other passengers, why not include these passengers on it?

Just might strange and fits into the mold that is mysterious Bali!

Will you be doing this flight? Let us know in the comments below.



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“To ferry passengers between the two locations, Bali and Jakarta, any round trip includes a ferry flight on a Boeing 737. The flight is super quick to hop between the two islands, however, it seems strange to include an extra step.”

But Jakarta isn’t an island, duh! How can somebody who’s inept in geography be trusted to write travel blogs?


Maybe because the fact that Jakarta is in Java island so the 737 flight will connect two islands (Bali and Java)


Simply put, Denpasar doesnt carry the weight of a fully loaded 777 for take-off. Jakarta does. They probably just do a light weight freighter flight back to Jakarta, ready for the flight back to London from there.


They operate a domestic flight from DPS to CGK after arriving from LHR


Bali is a major hub for Garuda with multiple long haul destinations throughout Asia and Australia served by the 777. A quick look at their route map should suffice


Been rescheduled for my flight to fly London-Bali-Jakata-Bali rather than 1 stop off in Jakata…….


I’d like to help if I may. It seems that Garuda Indonesia don’t have the return flight simply because of the length of the runway of Bali’s airport. For example like KLM, they have a flight from Amsterdam to Bali but with a transit in Singapore. It’s a personal opinion, but correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!


No, Rossiya did Bali Moscow nonstop flight with the same 777-300er
Why didn’t they direct from bali. Because they want to fill of full passenger & cargo in Jakarta. It’s can reduce the cost
Sorry for my bad English

David Roberts

My direct flight from london heathrow to bali (9th may 2019) was cancelled 4 weeks prior to departure. This happens often is what my tour operator told me.
No apology from Garuda, no offer to hop on to the direct flight 2 days before without paying a supplement.
The alternative they put me on is London->Amsterdam->Jakarta->Bali.
Needless to say I declined and will fly with another company.