Ultimate List: The Longest Airbus A321neo Routes In 2021

The A321neo – including the LR – has 1,039 routes scheduled to operate between now and the end of the year, which raises the question: what about longer routes? We see that the type’s 50 longest services are between 2,676 and 4,272 miles, with Stockholm to Chicago winning the award for the farthest.

JetBlue’s coming transatlantic services make it into the world’s 50-longest routes by the A321neo. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

As the A321XLR gears up for introduction in 2023, we see that there are currently 405 active A321neos (code: 32Q) in service, based on ch-aviation.com’s database.

The type’s 50-longest routes have a median distance of about 3,300 miles. That’s just three miles shorter than London Heathrow to Boston, a route that typically has a flight time westward (into the wind) of about seven hours.

Aer Lingus is an increasingly important user of the A321neo on long routes. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia.

American, Aer Lingus, and TAP Air Portugal

The 50 longest routes are operated by 12 airlines, based on submissions by these carriers to OAG. However, it is really all about American Airlines, Aer Lingus, and TAP Air Portugal, along with S7 (from Russia), La Compagnie, Air Transat, and JetBlue.

They include JetBlue’s soon-to-start services from New York JFK to London Heathrow and Gatwick and Aer Lingus’ coming transatlantic services from Manchester. While Aer Lingus’ routes were due to begin in July, they have understandably been pushed back to the end of September. They also include American’s long flights from Phoenix to Hawaii, which are also crucial for Southwest’s 737 MAXs because of burning less fuel.

There are few long 32Q routes involving Asia and Africa. Note that the sole route to Africa (Almaty-Hurghada) falls very slightly short of being included in the top-50 list. However, we have still added it. Image: OAG Mapper.

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The top-50 longest A321neo routes

Looking at routes operating between now and December, long A321neo services are hugely about Europe and North America, with Stockholm to Chicago – some 4,272 miles – the longest. Operated by SAS, this connects two Star Alliance hubs. It will be served from September 1st until the end of October, and it has a block time to the USA of nine hours and 15 minutes (!). It’ll be replaced by the A330-300 from November.

Some 11 of the top-50 routes are from Lisbon, including five with TAP to northern Brazil. This nicely demonstrates how the 32Q can be used on longer and thinner routes that don’t need the capacity of widebodies in exchange for a much lower trip cost. However, as the 32Q has a higher seat-mile cost, they need to be used on routes where fares will be sufficiently high.

FromToMiles (note: distance might vary a tiny bit depending on what tool is used)
Chicago O'HareStockholm Arlanda 4,272
BostonCopenhagen 3,658
Paris OrlyNewark3,649
LisbonWashington Dulles3,581
London GatwickToronto3,565
BlagoveschenskMoscow Domodedovo3,479
London GatwickNew York JFK3,458
London HeathrowNew York JFK3,440
MontrealParis CDG3,430
Dublin Washington Dulles3,393
LisbonNewark 3,375
LisbonNew York JFK3,356
Manchester New York JFK3,330
Paris CDGQuebec3,286
Dublin Toronto3,267
Moscow SheremetyevoTenerife South3,256
LisbonMontreal 3,251
Dublin Newark3,183
Dublin New York JFK3,169
New York JFKShannon3,071
Dallas Fort WorthFairbanks3,051
Anchorage Dallas Fort Worth3,036
BostonDublin 2,983
Anchorage Chicago O'Hare2,837
Chicago O'HareFairbanks2,777
Stockholm ArlandaTenerife South2,718
Gran CanariaStockholm Arlanda2,693
PhuketSeoul Incheon2,684

Few routes involving Asia or Africa

There are just seven routes that touch Asia, notably domestic Russia (to the Russian Far East) and Kazakstan. There is just one international route from Northeast Asia: Asiana’s Seoul Incheon to Phuket. This is due to resume from October 31st to benefit from the vacation island opening up.

Africa, meanwhile, sees only one long 32Q service: Almaty to the Egyptian tourist resort of Hurghada with Air Astana. Technically, this route falls just shy of being included, as it is ‘only’ 2,650 miles. However, it has been included anyway, not least because it has a flight time to Egypt of about seven hours, RadarBox.com shows. Might we see more long routes involving Africa, especially sub-Sahara?

What is the longest 321neo route you have been on? Let us know by commenting.