Over Five Hours: The World’s Longest Embraer E2 Route

This month the world’s longest Embraer E2 route is operated by Norway’s Widerøe. It is the 2,336-mile (3,760km) link from Bergen to Lanzarote in Spain’s Canary Islands and has an outbound flight time (rather than block time) of over five hours. Widerøe is one of seven active operators of the E2, and its main competitor (aside from the E1 version) is the A220.

Widerøe operates the longest E2 route. Photo: Alan Wilson via Flickr.

The E2 has a shorter route length than the E1

An examination of all routes by the E2 shows that the median sector length is 542 miles (861km) this month, according to the latest schedules information available from OAG. Intriguingly, that’s 2% shorter than the less fuel-efficient E1 versions of the regional jets. Even more significantly, the median sector is 31% less than the A220, both the -100 and -300 combined.

Like the A220, few airlines use the E2. They’re also often deployed on short routes within Brazil, Nigeria, and Europe, pushing down the average. Nonetheless, the type has surprisingly long sectors, with 46 routes over 1,000 miles (1,609km).

Air Peace E2
Nigeria’s Air Peace uses the E195-E2 from Lagos to Dakar and Banjul. On Mondays it routes Lagos-Dakar-Banjul-Lagos and on Fridays Lagos-Banjul-Dakar-Lagos. Photo: Embraer.

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The world’s top-15 longest non-stop E2 routes

The 15 longest non-stop routes include Azul from Viracopos to Fortaleza, with just one flight scheduled by the E195-E2 this month (on January 3rd). Most flights on the airport-pair are by Azul’s A321neos, A330-200s, and A320neos, OAG indicates. The A330-900 is also used and has twice as flights many flights as the E2.

  1. Widerøe: Bergen to Lanzarote, 2,336 miles (3,760km)
  2. Binter Canarias: Gran Canaria to Venice, 1,942 miles (3,126km)
  3. Binter Canarias: Gran Canaria to Lille, 1,838 miles (2,958km)
  4. Binter Canarias: Gran Canarias to Turin, 1,737 miles (2,796km)
  5. Azul: São Paulo Congonhas to Fernando de Noronha, 1,659 miles (2,670km)
  6. Binter Canarias: Gran Canaria to Marseille, 1568 miles (2,524km)
  7. Widerøe: Bergen to Alicante, 1,542 miles (2,481km)
  8. Helvetic: Zurich to Kittila, 1,515 miles (2,437km)
  9. Air Peace: Lagos to Dakar, 1,493 miles (2,402km); see comment under the photo above
  10. Azul: Viracopos to Porto Velho, 1,484 miles (2,389km)
  11. Azul: Viracopos to Fortaleza, 1,442 miles (2,321km)
  12. Air Peace: Lagos to Banjul, 1,437 miles (2,313km); see comment under the photo above
  13. Binter Canarias: Gran Canaria to Toulouse, 1,429 miles (2,300km)
  14. Azul: Viracopos to São Luís, 1,417 miles (2,281km)
  15. Azul: Viracopos to João Pessoa, 1,359 miles (2,187km)
Wideroe Bergen to Lanzarote
Widerøe has operated charter flights from Bergen to Lanzarote for a while now. The most recent was on January 3rd, with a flight time to the Spanish airport of over five hours. Image: RadarBox.com.

The E2: a quick summary

The E2 has approximately 5,700 non-stop flights this month, OAG indicates, for about a 1.6% share of the global regional jet market. There are seven active operators, as shown below. (An eighth airline, Air Kiribati, isn’t using its sole leased aircraft.) Azul is the leading E2 operator with a one-third share of flights.

  1. Air Astana: E190-E2
  2. Air Peace: E195-E2
  3. Azul: E195-E2
  4. Binter Canarias: E195-E2
  5. Helvetic: E190-E2 and E195-E2 (the latter not active); mainly operating for SWISS
  6. KLM CityHopper: E195-E2
  7. Wideroe: E190-E2

Have you flown the E2? If so, with which airline and where did you go? Share your experiences in the comments.