There Are Now 25 Commercial Flight Routes That Are 14+ Hours Long

Everybody is aware that Singapore Airlines operates the mammoth 18-hour flight between Singapore and Newark in New York. However, did you know that there are now 25 scheduled flights that are booked to take longer than 14 hours? From Singapore Airlines to Qantas, we take a look at the flights. While the flights are all over 16 hours, here we have ordered them by the distance from A-B for simplicity.

25. Mexico City to Shanghai

Coming in at 25 is Aeromexico’s longest flight. While this flight only travels 8026 miles, it clocks in at an incredible 20 hours and 30 minutes. The reason for the length is that the flight stops for 1 hour 50 minutes in Tijuana. It has been included on this list as through passengers do not leave the B787 in Tijuana.

Longest Flights
The route from Mexico City to Shanghai via Tijuana. Image: GCMaps

24. Dallas Fort Worth to Dubai

The Emirates flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Dubai clocks in at 8040 miles. The overnight flight departs Dallas at 11:25, arriving in Dubai 14 hours and 30 minutes later at 11:55. The flight is operated using a B777.

23. Houston to Doha

Qatar operates a 14 hour and 45 minutes flight from Houston to Doha. The flight is also operated using a B777 and is another overnight flight departing at 17:55, and arriving at 17:40.

22 & 21. New York to Hong Kong

At 22 is the flight from Newark to Hong Kong. Operated by both Cathay Pacific and United, the flight travels 8,065 miles. The flight is scheduled to take 15 hours and 40 minutes with Cathay Pacific in an A350, or 16 hours in a B777 with United. Cathay Pacific also operates a flight from JFK which comes in at 21 being 7 miles longer.

20. San Francisco to Dubai

Clocking in at 15 hours and 45 minutes is Emirate’s flight from San Francisco to Dubai. This A380 flight travels a total of 8103 miles overnight.

emirates a380
Emirates are the worlds biggest operator of the A380.

19. Washington Dulles to Hong Kong

Another Cathay Pacific flight, CX861 travels 8153 miles. Cathay Pacific also operates the flight with an A350 and scheduled to take 15 hours and 55 minutes.

18. Dallas Fort Worth to Hong Kong

Also travelling to Hong Kong is American Airline’s first entry into this list. The B777 flight travels a distance of 8123 miles and is scheduled to take 17 hours.

17. Houston to Dubai

While travelling further than American Airline’s B777 flight, Emirate’s A380 from Houston to Dubai takes just a fraction of the time. The flight is scheduled for 14 hours and 35 minutes and travels a distance of 8168 miles.

16. Vancouver to Melbourne

Air Canada make their only appearance in this list with a 16 hour and 20 minutes flight. The B787 flight travels 8192 miles overnight from 22:45 to 10:05.

15. Toronto to Manilla

Another flight originating in Canada, the Toronto to Manilla flight is operated by Philippine Airlines. The 17 hours flight is operated by a B777. While it is scheduled to depart at 00:15 and arrive at 06:15, google’s analytics state the flight is often delayed by over 30 minutes.

longest flights
Philippine Airlines uses the B777 for its route to Toronto.

14-11. Los Angeles to Doha, Jeddah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

Coming in from 14th to 11th place are four flights originating in Los Angeles. The flights are each within 90 miles of each other, hence being grouped.

  • 14. Los Angeles – Doha, 8306 miles, Qatar Airways, B777, 15 hours 50 minutes;
  • 13. Los Angeles – Jeddah, 8332 miles, Saudia, B777, 15 hours 25 minutes;
  • 12. Los Angeles – Dubai, 8339 miles, Emirates, A380, 15 hours 55 minutes;
  • 11. Los Angeles – Abu Dhabi, 8390 miles, Etihad, B777, 16 hours.
longest flights
Flights 11-14 depart from LAX. Image: GCMaps

10. Atlanta to Johannesburg

At number 10 is the only flight to travel to Africa. The overnight Delta flight departs at 18:36 using a B777 aircraft. 15 hours and 4 minutes, or 8439 miles later, the aircraft lands in Johannesburg at 16:40 the next day.

9. San Francisco to Singapore

Once the world’s second longest flight operated by a Singapore Airlines A340, the flight is now operated with an A350 in a 2 class layout with Premium Economy and Business Class. Singapore Airlines flight is scheduled to take 17 hours and 35 minutes. United also operates the route with 2 B787s. Their flights are scheduled to take just 17 hours and 20 minutes. The flight travels 8446 miles.

8. New York to Manilla

Another Philippine flight departing from North America, number 8 is the route from New York to Manilla. It is scheduled to take 16 hours and 35 minutes over a distance of 8520 miles. Philippine use an A350 to operate this flight.

7. Dallas Fort Worth to Sydney

Qantas’ first entry into the list is a whopping 8578 miles. The A380 flight travels a total of 17 hours and 10 minutes.

6. Houston to Sydney

United Airlines operates a slightly longer route from Houston to Sydney. This flight is operated over a distance of 8596 miles. While it is only around 20 miles longer than the previous Qantas flight as the crow flies, the flight is scheduled for an extra 20 minutes taking 17 hours and 30 minutes. It is operated with a B787 aircraft.

longest flights
United Airlines has one more member of cabin crew on B787 flights than American Airlines. Photo: United Airlines

5. Los Angeles to Singapore

Another A350 flight operated by Singapore Airlines, this flight takes a total of 17 hours and 50 minutes. The total distance travelled is 8770 miles.

4. Auckland to Dubai

Emirates longest flight is operated from Aukland to Dubai. Scheduled to take 17 hours and 10 minutes, the flight is operated using an A380. The total distance is 8824 miles.

3. London to Perth

Each of the top three flights has a distance of over 9000 miles. The London to Perth route clocks in at 9009 miles. The route is scheduled to take 16 hours and 50 minutes in a Qantas B787. Qantas has plans to operate a non-stop flight from London to Sydney within the next few years.

2. Auckland to Doha

At an impressive 9032 miles, the Qatar flight from Auckland to Doha grabs onto the number 2 spot. Another B777 flight, the route is scheduled to take 17 hours and 50 minutes. It is the longest scheduled Boeing aircraft flight by distance as the crow flies.

1. Singapore to New York

Last but not least, we have the world’s longest flight. Travelling a distance of 9534 miles, the flight is also scheduled to take 17 hours and 50 minutes. Singapore Airlines operates the flight with a ULR edition of the A350 which has no economy class. The aircraft is only fitted with premium economy and business class to save on weight and hence fuel.

Singapore A350
Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of the A350-900ULR. Photo: Singapore Airlines

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