Los Angeles International Sees A 75% Increase In Flights

According to data from AirNav RadarBox, the number of aircraft movements at Los Angeles International Airport has increased by 75% compared to the same period last year.

Delta American LAX
LAX is already seeing a rebound in travel. Photo: Getty Images

Between July 16th and 23rd, it is estimated that around 1,562 movements will be recorded, which is up 75.7% compared to the 889 clocked up in the same period last year. For July 9th to 16th, the numbers remained pretty similar, with 2021 numbers being recorded at 1,572 compared to 892 in 2020. 

Compared with 2019 numbers, Los Angeles is only under 400 aircraft movements away from where it was then. This hints at significant rebounds in travel from the area. 

RadarBox, Los Angeles International, LAX
LAX flights are up 75% year on year. Photo: AirNav RadarBox

Out of such movements, the top 10 destinations for Los Angeles are all U.S cities currently at the moment, according to the Route Heatmap on AirNav RadarBox. They are as follows:

  1. San Francisco – 335.6 movements per week.
  2. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport – 304.1 movements per week.
  3. Seattle Tacoma International Airport – 260.9 movements per week.
  4. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – 242.5 movements per week.
  5. Denver International Airport – 236.3 movements per week.
  6. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport – 213.5 movements per week.
  7. New York’s JFK – 199.3 movements per week.
  8. Honolulu International Airport – 172.6 movements per week.
  9. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport – 165.9 movements per week.
  10. Chicago O’Hare International Airport – 163.6 movements per week. 

The fact that the top 10 destinations for Los Angeles are all in the United States does not come as a surprise given the significant domestic rebound for travel that the U.S has had. 

Spirit Airbus A320neo
Domestic travel is leading the rebound across the US. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Domestic travel rebounding

Domestic leisure travel has fully recovered to 2019 levels, which Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian attributed to the airline generating a $652 million profit in their financial revealings nearly a week ago. 

That is the first time since the pandemic began that the airline generated a profit.

Overall, for airports such as Los Angeles International Airport, the numbers continue to rise up and up. With air travel more or less in the same position as 2019 now, the focus will be to continue on that growth spurt once again.

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