LOT Polish Airlines Announces June Domestic Flight Resumption

LOT Polish Airlines has announced that domestic flights will resume on June 1st. The Polish carrier initially suspended flights for two weeks from March 15th as a result of a government lockdown.

LOT Polish, Flight Resumption, Domestic
LOT Polish is looking to relaunch flights on June 1st. Photo: LOT Polish Airlines

It seems as though the aviation industry has passed the trough of the pandemic’s adverse effects. Data from multiple sources are showing the green shoots of recovery, and many airlines are starting to look at resuming flights. Quite a few of these have chosen June 1st as the date they will make their comeback, including Poland’s LOT. The carrier is initially targeting domestic flights.

A limited daily network

While starting to show signs of recovery, the overall demand for flights is still significantly down. As such, LOT Polish won’t return with its full network straight away. Instead, it will initially operate up to 16 rotations per day on eight routes. These routes are all domestic for the time being.

LOT Polish, Flight Resumption, Domestic
The airline will initially only operate eight domestic routes. Photo: LOT Polish Airlines

The following routes will be operated:

  • Once a day LOT Polish Airlines will fly between Krakow and Gdansk;
  • Up to twice a day, the airline will fly from Warsaw to:
    • Krakow;
    • Poznan;
    • Rzeszow;
    • Szczecin;
    • Wroclaw;
    • Zielona Gora.
  • Up to three times per day, the airline will operate flights between Warsaw and Gdansk.


LOT Polish Airlines is relaunching flight with a significant emphasis on hygiene and safety. As such, the carrier has adopted a new campaign called #BezpiecznyLOT. This translates into English as #SafeLOT.

Crews onboard LOT Polish flights will be equipped with masks and gloves. They will be offering a modified service. As such, all refreshments will be served in individual packaging. Presumably, this means that there will be no hot drinks as these can’t easily be individually packaged.

LOT Polish, Flight Resumption, Domestic
LOT Polish crew will wear masks and gloves. Photo: LOT Polish Airlines

Passengers will only be permitted to carry a small item of hand luggage, such as a backpack, purse, briefcase, or shopping bag.

To ensure that the cabin remains as hygienic as possible, it will be regularly disinfected with biocides. This will also occur in the flight deck and baggage hold. Passengers will also be required to wear face coverings throughout flights.

Finally, LOT points out that its high-efficiency particulate-air filters remove 99.9% of bacteria from cabin air.

LOT Polish, Flight Resumption, Domestic
The airline will look to disinfect aircraft regularly. Photo: LOT Polish Airlines

Commenting on the resumption of flights, Michał Fijoł, LOT Polish Airlines CCO, said,

“We start the resumption of connections very carefully, taking into account the safety of our passengers and on-board crews. First of all, based on the #BezpiecznyLOT procedure, we provide regular, direct domestic flights. We do it to enable our passengers to comfortably and with minimized epidemic risk travel around Poland, on board LOT’s planes from June 1”

In addition to the onboard changes, Polish Airports will look to implement the #BezpiecznyLOT procedures. As such, Passengers will undergo temperature checks and cover their faces while in airports.

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